“JOHIO” G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Celebrating Its “50th Consecutive Monthly Meeting,” 10-10-2012

Whether you’re looking for a specific weapon, figure, or accessory, the “thrill of the hunt” is always the same for collectors of both 12″ and 3.75″ GIjOEs. Here, Johio members peruse a table of spare parts during a previous meeting. Most members agree that sharing such “simple times” as this with fellow collectors is one of the most enjoyable aspects of club membership. (Photo: Johio)

During a GIjOE club meeting’s “show and tell” segment, you never know WHAT the other members will bring. But it’s always exciting! (Photo: Johio)

Our previous report on the Johio GIjOE Collector’s Club (see Feb. 27, 2012) revealed their boastful claim to being the “Largest GIjOE Club in the U.S.” Of course, actual membership totals from each local division are not available, so it’s been hard to accept that statement as completely true—until now.

Slowly but surely, the Johio division has been steadily increasing its membership with regular monthly club meetings. NOW… they’ve reached a significant milestone for ANY club… 49 CONSECUTIVE monthly meetings!

To celebrate their amazing achievement, this month, they’re planning a special “50th Meeting” Johio Club Dinner. The time and place for the meeting/dinner are still in the works, but according to a recent post over on their club website…

“It’s been a busy year for everyone in the group, but I had to announce that Johio’s 50th monthly dinner is coming up October 10th! Johio has the longest and most consecutive monthly meetups of any Joe club out there. And over the last 12 months, 10 out of the 12 dinners have featured a NEW friend.”

Just like their bigger 1:6 scale cousins, all “Little Joes” enjoy being set up and arranged in fanciful dioramas. Here, the Cobra Commander berates his “pathetic underlings” in another of his famous chew-out sessions. HA (Photo: Johio)

Whoa! With results like that, it’s obvious that Johio’s regular meeting policy has paid off for them—BIG TIME. Of course, all of the club’s members can’t (and don’t) attend every single meeting, but the regular repetition of meetings is clearly the secret to their success and continued growth. Are you other divisions paying attention?

Fantastic work, guys! We wish you the best with your big 50th get-together. Please send us some pics afterwards so we can share them with the world on The Joe Report. GO JOE!

Don’t forget to bring the kids! Members of Johio help keep “the spirit of Joe” alive by passing it down at each meeting. LONG LIVE JOE! (Photo: Johio)

Other Joe clubs take notice! Consistency is clearly the key. Members may come and go, but to keep any division alive and growing, you must be consistent. For more information on the Johio division, visit their official club website HERE.


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