“Good Stuff To Go” Owners Comfirm Rumor That Popular Online Business Is Ceasing Operations

Good Stuff to Go’s owner-operator, Ken Smolinsky, shown here at a past GIjOE show, has confirmed recent rumors that his business will soon cease operations. (Photo: mastercollector.com)

“After 15-plus years…it’s time to move on.”

Since 1997, Ken Smolinsky and Gail Zemble, of the popular online business “Good Stuff to Go,” (GSTG), have provided just about every 1:6 scale product imaginable, direct from the manufacturers to thousands of loyal and eager customers worldwide. For over 15 years, their business earned a well-deserved reputation among collectors for quick, fair dealing, and superb customer service.

Eager fans crowd into the GSTG booth at a recent GIjOE show. (Photo: mastercollector.com)

But soon, all of it is coming to an end. Ken and Gail recently announced their intent to CEASE operations as GSTG, and in an official press release said:


“The rumors of our upcoming closure are in fact, true. After 15 plus years, Gail and I have decided to move on to other pursuits, including traveling. We have met, if only through email, many great people and loyal customers. We will miss these contacts. But, doing this fulltime means there are lots of other things we cannot do. Now is the time to do those other things.

We have not decided the exact timeframe for closing down, but have already been putting many items on sale. These are great deals with prices below cost. Supplies are limited and no more will be available when items run out (which occurs everyday). Keep checking the website for deals and special offers.

Our goal is to honor all outstanding preorders or find a dealer who will honor them at the prices we have listed. But we will not list any more items for preorder, due to the lack of accurate knowledge as to when items will arrive. Thanks for supporting our business!”

Response from fans and collectors of 1:6 scale has been immediate and mournful. Taken aback by the volume of customer comments, Ken added these words:


“Gail and I have been overwhelmed by the responses to our announcement of our closing. All the kind words and best wishes have truly been appreciated. As we close down this era of our lives and enter the next phase, your support means a lot to us and will help remind us of all of the great times we have had over the last 15 years. We wish everyone the best of luck and happy collecting!”

Bottom Line: GSTG is clearing out their inventory at fire sale prices. If you’ve got your eye on anything, THIS IS THE TIME to hurry over to their website and place an order. Soon, it’ll all be gone! Here’s a direct link to their website.

 (Editor’s Note: We want to wish Ken and Gail all the best in their future pursuits and our sincerest appreciation for all the wonderful products they’ve provided to fans and collectors over the years. You will be missed!)


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