Dallas-Ft. Worth “G.I. Joe and Action Figure Show” on Saturday, 10-6-12 in Carrollton, TX

The word is getting out—BIG TIME! According to this giant road construction sign (how did they arrange THAT?), fans of GIjOE in the Lone Star State are preparing to “round up” some real bargains this Saturday over in Carrollton, TX. Yee-HAH!
(Photo: DFW GIjOE Collector’s Club)

They say…”Everything’s BIGGER in TEXAS!…”

Does that mean that Saturday’s DFW GIjOE and Action Figure Show will blow the roof off of all other previous GIjOE shows? Well, probably not. But it DOES mean the members of the Dallas-Ft. Worth GijOE Collector’s Club will be working their darndest to ensure that the show is a BIG, “Texas-sized” success. Hoo-EEE! According to club spokesman, Michael Milstead

DFW Club spokesman, Michael Milstead (Photo: DFW Club)

“We’re extremely pleased to be spearheading our first official show! This show is being hosted by the local DFW GIjOE Collectors club. Our division’s club members have volunteered in the past for other local shows, but this one is presented exclusively by our club. As the name of the show states, this show is just not solely about GIjOE but about his action figure brethren as well. So, no matter what your taste in action figures, you’ll be able to find them all at the show!”

This superb promotional poster (released by the club) is intended to “spur” fans into action, and “head’em out” to the show! (Graphic: DFW GIjOE Collector’s Club)

First Christian Church of Carrollton, TX, location of this year’s show. (Photo: FCCC) Click to enlarge.

Similar to this year’s previous GIjOE shows in Atlanta and Chicago, the DFW event looks like it will also be a “buyer’s paradise.” Advance intel from the club reveals a huge room is to be filled with dealers (and fans) eager to buy, sell and trade the world’s greatest action figures, vehicles and equipment. Here’s a sampling of some of the dealers already confirmed…

David Foret– Boxed GIjOE vehicles and convention exclusives.

Collectortradingpost.com– 1989 and prior vintage toys, Hot Wheels, Star Wars and GIjOE.

Wayne Schoenberg– 1/6th scale vehicles, 21st Century figures, uniform sets, 1/18th scale figures, 1/32nd die-cast vehicles, Matchbox and more.

Asiavik Toys– Star Wars figures, GIjOEs, Marvel figures as well as other Sci-Fi items.

Homer Patterson– Over 1,000 loose GIjOE 3 ¾” figures, 100 carded figures, numerous boxed GIjOE items, a rare, boxed GIjOE Flagg, Defiant space complex, Terror Drome and over 1,000 loose (small) GIjOE vehicles.

Matt Stevenson– 12” vintage military and Adventure Team GIjOE parts, vintage RAH GIjOE carded and loose figures, boxed and loose vehicles, several boxes of loose RAH GIjOE parts and pieces, paperwork, file cards, trading cards, instruction sheets, super hero figures, Star Wars figures, and Hot Wheels cars.

Dan Day– Loose and carded 3 ¾” GIjOE, Marvel Universe and Star Wars figures, Comic Con exclusives, DC Universe Classic 6” figures, Build-a-Figures, Marvel Legends figures, Transformer Leader Class and Human Alliance figures and statues.

Louis Simmons– Star Wars, GIjOE and Marvel figures, plus other Sci-Fi items.

Russell King– Vintage and modern 3 ¾” GIjOEs and vehicles, plus vintage 3 ¾” Star Wars figures.

Mitchell Glass– Large collection of 1980s GIjOEs .

Stacy Plasek– 12” and 3 ¾” GIjOEss, 12” Dragon figures, 21st Century 12” sets and figures (both boxed and loose).

Duncanville Bookstore– 3 ¾” GI Joe and Star Wars figures, plus Transformers and Marvel and DC figures.

Hank Dillon– 12″ figures from Sideshow Collectibles and Hasbro,  remote control vehicles, loose 1/6th scale pieces and parts from various manufactures.

Michael Milstead– 12” Battlestar Galactica, GIjOE Adventure Team and DC Direct figures, 3 ¾” Star Wars figures, 1/6th scale accessories, lockers and bunk beds.

Eva Thompson– Vintage 12″ GIjOE figures, uniforms & accessories.

On top of all that great merchandise, the club is also selling off the remaining DFW Club Exclusive “High Altitude Infiltration” paratrooper sets. If you haven’t seen this one, take a good look at the photos below. Each includes an all-black jumpsuit, weapon, boots, working parachute with pack, helmet and amazing custom box with great, original artwork by David Howard (see our profile of Mr. Howard HERE). Our advice? Grab one of these before they’re GONE!

Yes, you receive EVERYTHING you see here (except the figure), plus a custom box handmade by David Howard. (Photo: DFW GIjOE Collector’s Club)

The DFW club exclusive “High Altitude Infiltration” set features stunning equipment and detail. Hello? Hasbro? Is anybody there? Are you SEEING this? (Photo: DFW GIjOE Collector’s Club)

The “High Altitude Infiltration” custom box by David Howard. BEAUTIFUL! (Photo: DFW GIjOE Collector’s Club)

Obviously, the DFW club has REALLY got their act together. Its membership is to be sincerely congratulated, as they’ve organized what will undoubtedly be a superb GIjOE show. In fact, they’ve even arranged for The United States of Geekdom to broadcast LIVE from show! How do you guys do it?

If you’re planning on attending this great event, here’s all the intel you’ll need to know…

DFW GIjOE and Action Figure Show

Facebook page: HERE

 When – Saturday… October 6, 2012

Where – First Christian Church of Carrollton

1835 Walnut Ave, Carrollton, TX 75006

Time – 10:00 – 4:00

Admission- FREE!

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Milstead HERE
If you would like to participate as a vendor, please contact Keith Holmes HERE

Have a great time. GO JOE!


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