September 1st is Just Another Day. Right?

This file photo was taken on September 1st, 1939, showing Stuka dive bombers flying in formation over Poland as they prepared to begin the first of many blitzkrieg attacks on Polish cities and other targets. (Photo: Luftwaffe)


Today, most of us are probably putting our feet up to watch some college football game or planning an outdoor BBQ for the big Labor Day weekend ahead. After all, there’s nothing special about September 1st; nothing important to remember.

But there is…

Exactly 73 years ago, on this European “Day of Infamy,” Germany invaded Poland, unleashing an all-new style of “blitzkrieg” warfare; a startlingly thorough firestorm attack that would lead to an all-out invasion, essentially beginning World War II with all the barbarity Hitler’s nazi regime could muster.

Yes, for the people of Poland, September 1st, 1939 was the beginning of Hell on Earth. During the invasion of Poland, entire cities would be devastated and millions of people exterminated—mass-murdered in a genocidal killing spree that went on for almost 6 years.

September 1st is just another day? Absolutely not. Please watch the short video above (8 minutes) and remember those innocent victims of only 73 years ago. If you are of a religious nature, please send up a prayer for the people of Poland. Survivors of that horrific time haven’t forgotten what happened today—and neither should the world.


One thought on “September 1st is Just Another Day. Right?

  1. kneonknight says:

    Unfortunately, the terrors of WWII are fading from living memory with the passing of “our greatest generation”. Most High School students today barely know who Hitler was, and the horrors of his tyranny are given scant mention in modern textbooks. Nothing at all is said about the sacrifices made on the home front, such as the rationing of fuel, foodstuffs,and raw materials for manufacturing. As for the Holocaust, it is barely a footnote in most history classes, and it is hardly ever acknowledged that, in addition to European Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, and others that Hitler deemed “undesirable” were rounded up and sent to camps to either be worked and starved to death, or executed outright.

    It is to be hoped that the trend of glossing over such important chapters of history will be halted, and that future generations will be educated about the cost in lives and materials, the moral and ethical issues, and the dangers of totalitarian government.

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