GIjOE Club Online Store Finally Reopens after Customer Credit Cards Hacked in Early 2012

Great deal on Navy Attack Helmets, only $12 for 4 over at the club store now. (Photo: GIjOE Collector’s Club)

The online shopping cart system for the national GIjOE Collector’s Club, offline since February 2012, when its credit card processing system was hacked into and compromised, is FINALLY up and running again.

I have to admit, so much time had gone by since February, that I almost gave up hope it would ever be restored. And then, when it finally came back online, I must’ve missed the official club announcement. So today, imagine my happiness to discover that it was finally up and running again just fine. Phew!

And there’s more good news! The club has simplified and improved their online shopping experience. Now, the product photos are larger and clearer, and they’ve even added information regarding the quantity remaining in stock. That’s the best addition, in my opinion. It’s helpful to know what’s about to run out of stock when trying to make (expensive) purchasing decisions. So…if you’ve been waiting patiently (or impatiently, HA), jump over to the club’s store found HERE and check out their cool merchandise all over again. (FYI…There’s only 8 of the Flying Tiger Convention sets left in stock. But at $320 per, there’s probably no need to hurry.)


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