Marvel & DC Comics Inker, Wayne Faucher, Also an Accomplished Creator of Custom 1:6 Scale Celebrity and Pop-Culture Action Figures

Comic book inker, Wayne Faucher, in his studio with some of his 1:6 scale action figure collection. According to Wayne, “That’s Jason Bourne and Travis Bickle I’m holding. Who would win in a fight? Actually, without firepower, I’m guessing it would be Bourne. Although DeNiro always seemed to have just one more weapon hidden somewhere!” (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Since the posting of our articles on customizers Rick Ratto (July 27, 2012) and Paul Wills (August 15, 2012), top-notch customizing talent seems to be coming out of the woodwork. Recently, another talented customizer of 1:6 scale wrote in to us here at The Joe Report and we were so impressed with the quality of his work, we felt we had to share it with you immediately.

Wayne’s custom Batman and Robin figures perfectly capture the likenesses of Adam West and Burt Ward. Click to enlarge.
(Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Meet Wayne Faucher. Wayne had read our profile of Rick Ratto and the others who enjoy creating custom ’60s TV Batman figures and took notice of one particular photo used in the article…

“I noticed you used an image of one of my figures on The Joe Report!  I’m the “Astounding Unknown” customizer who made that non-Rick, Adam West Batman figure shown at the end of the article. I’m a comic book artist (inker) working for DC and Marvel Comics for the last 20 years or so and make these things as something of a hobby.” 

“I’ve been into GIjOE my whole life, as I grew up not far from the Hasbro plant in RI. My neighbor worked there and gave me virtually EVERYTHING they ever made for GIjOE out of the trunk of his car!  Sweet deal, if you could get it”

Wayne must feel like a “lucky punk” to own this spot-on custom “Dirty Harry” figure. WOW! (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Sweet deal indeed! In addition to all of his vintage GIjOE treasures, Faucher’s also enjoys collecting modern, high-end figures and creating his own customs inspired by popular TV and movie characters.

After seeing some of his superb work, we asked Wayne to describe a few of his most recent custom projects and he generously wrote back detailing an astonishing Lost in Space jetpack, helmet and laser rifle he had made, plus a breathtaking, custom Mr. Freeze ensemble, complete with “freeze collar.” Absolutely amazing work. Here’s what Faucher had to say about his Lost in Space project…

(Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

“I confess I’m a little taken aback by your response. I just make these things and stick’em on the shelf, y’know? The Bell rocket belt (aka a jetpack) is one of my favorite things in the world. I started with the Sci-Fi Metropolis John Robinson figure and went from there. I had some help with the clothing from Inner Circle Toys and took care of the jet pack, helmet, laser pistol, etc. myself.

(Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

The jetpack took the most effort. I started out with a couple of old GIjOE flame throwers and a lot of photo reference. The curved base is an Ice Breakers gum container. The blue top seen in the construction images is from an original Captain Action Jetpack. That really was the inspiration for doing this.

(Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

There’s obviously a certain amount of imagineering here, as I had to make some compromises in accuracy in order to make the control handles actually move the pitch and yaw of the exhaust pipes. I debated adding the scarves to the helmet but decided I should in the end. I always wondered about those.

(Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

I modified an old GIjOE Mercury astronaut helmet and created a new clear visor to match the TV version. I used a clear container from a gumball machine I found at my local grocery store. Low tech, sure, but it doesn’t look half bad! The backpack is sculpted from Crayola Model Magic clay. Very lightweight and easy to work with.”

One of the greatest customs we’ve ever seen. Wayne’s Lost in Space John Robinson figure is complete with uniform, parka, helmet and fully detailed jetpack. An absolute MASTERPIECE in 1:6 scale. (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Wayne’s custom helmet finishes off this Lost in Space figure perfectly. (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Words fail. But let’s try…AWESOME!!! (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

ASTONISHING work, Wayne. Seriously. The jetpack, helmet, everything…it’s all a 1:6 scale masterpiece! Congratulations on all your superb work. As to his recent Mr. Freeze project, Faucher went on to say…

Wayne’s custom freeze gun with tanks and freeze collar with adjustment knobs is simply ASTOUNDING. (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

“I also just completed some prototype work for a small company making a Mr. Freeze figure from the ’60s Batman TV show. I just stuck it on a Clint figure to see how it fit (see photo). As far as I can tell, it’s the most accurate 1:6 scale version done to date. Which isn’t saying much, since most of the ones I’ve seen bear little resemblance to the actual prop. Not licensed, so a very short run, I’d guess. Still, fun!”

Closeup of Wayne’s handcrafted freeze gun, tanks and collar. MAN-O-MAN.
(Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Again, words fail. Wayne made this miniature freeze collar by hand. What amazing skill! (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

This early photo shows the jetpack during production. Note Wayne’s extensive use of clear, reference photos. That is VITAL! (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Another early in-production shot reveals the painstaking process required to custom fit tiny parts together to work correctly at 1:6 scale. And again, note Wayne’s extensive use of reference photos to ensure the most accurate results. (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

In this production photo, you can see the page from an auction catalog that helped Wayne create his miniature Lost in Space air pack and to accurately determine its size and shape. Pack is shown prior to painting and final detailing. (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Bottom Line: Our sincerest thanks go out to Wayne for sharing all this wonderful information with us. We’re huge fans of all customizers and their amazing accomplishments. If you know of anyone creating custom 1:6 scale figures, uniforms, accessories, equipment, vehicles or dioramas, please write in to us here at The Joe Report so we can share the good news with fans all around the world.

10 thoughts on “Marvel & DC Comics Inker, Wayne Faucher, Also an Accomplished Creator of Custom 1:6 Scale Celebrity and Pop-Culture Action Figures

  1. Kurt says:

    Wow! Super-stellar work. Wayne is very talented.

  2. Denise Faucher says:

    I always knew my little Bro was talented…and so modest too..:)

  3. Gary says:

    Wayne – Love the jetpack…I have always wanted to build one! GREAT WORK! Truly very talented.

    Let me know if you ever want it to leave your collection and become a part of my collection… LOL!

    NICE WORK – Gary

  4. Eddie says:

    Could you put me in contact with Wayne Faucher. I have been very interested for many years in regarding to the Lost In Space TV show and the rocket belt/jetpack. I am looking to see if Wayne could possible build a rocket belt/jet pack for my John Robinson figure. Could you please pass along this message to him.

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