UK Customizer, Paul Wills, Creating Highly Detailed, 1:6 Scale Military Masterpieces

Master customizer, Paul Wills, of the UK, poses next to his latest creation, a 88mm Flack 36, currently under construction. (Photo: Paul Wills) Click to enlarge.

I received a request for another custom waterslide decal set recently. This time, it was from renowned master customizer Paul Wills, in the UK, who said he needed detailing graphics for a 1:6 scale oxygen and acetylene “gas bottle set” used by German railroad workers and tank mechanics. According to Paul…

“Hi Mark, I got round to fitting the decals you supplied me, they are spot on! Thanks for your help.

As you know, I had been looking for something different to create a diorama for my 1:6 scale tanks and I had seen these gas bottle sets before, but when I searched for them I found that Rick Ivansek had closed his Die Werkstatt site.

I eventually found that Lee Sellers of was remaking the resin parts, but I then struggled to find decals.

I remembered your Patches of Pride site from a couple of years ago, from when I previously bought decals from you, and so decided to approach you and as you can see they have turned out really well.

You can see more of my models and dioramas at I’ve also attached a photo of ‘Josef’ and me taking a break from building my latest model; a 88mm Flack 36.”

Closeup of the gas bottles reveals the tiny gauge decals fit perfectly in place. Cool! (Photo: Paul Wills)

The men are hard at work repairing…something…with Paul’s customized oxygen-acetylene “gas bottles.” (Photo: Paul Wills) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: All we can say is WOW. Superb work, Paul! The photos clearly show the two pressurized tanks, each painted in their correct bright blue and yellow colors, with my all-new PoP decals along the sides and within their tiny circular gauges. As a final touch, Paul posed a couple of Panzer crewman as if they’re finishing up a tread or wheel repair. Simply beautiful work all around. Thanks for sharing photos of your creation with The Joe Report, Paul!


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