Calling All Joeheads———The Polls Are Open! Cast Your Vote For G.I. Joe As The #1 Toy of ALL TIME!

GIjOE is up against a lot of competition. Only YOUR vote can help him win! (Photo: CMI)

Hey there, Joe fan. Are you going to just sit in your cushy armchair and let “Candy Land” or “Tickle Me Elmo” be declared the greatest toy of all time?” Of course not!

Right now, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (CMI) is conducting a semi-official survey of toy fans all around the world, providing a way to vote for their favorite of the “100 toys that define our childhood.” The toy receiving the most votes will be granted special display status and top bragging rights within a new museum exhibit of the “Top 20 Toys.” According to their website:

“The Children’s Museum has scoured its collection and chose 100 of its most iconic and classic objects that have defined American childhood in the last century. Everyone has a story to share about their favorite toys from childhood, whether it’s about finding a high-demand Cabbage Patch Doll ® in the ‘80s, waging battles with toy soldiers in the ‘60s, or collecting Beanie Babies ® in the ‘90s.

We’re inviting you to share your toy memories and vote on the favorite toys you had as a child. You can vote for as many toys as you want each day. We will feature 20 new toys per week for five weeks, so be sure to come back every week to vote. The top 20 toys with the most votes will be put on display in the museum in September.”

This is a no-brainer folks! With only a week to go, we’ve all got to rally around America’s Movable Fighting Man and cast every possible vote—for GIjOE!  Tell you what…If Joe wins, I’ll drive over to Indy in person, visit their new “Top 20” toy exhibit and then report on it here in The Joe Report. Should be great (if GIjOE is front and center as #1). To cast your vote for GIjOE now, go HERE.


3 thoughts on “Calling All Joeheads———The Polls Are Open! Cast Your Vote For G.I. Joe As The #1 Toy of ALL TIME!

  1. James says:

    I’ve done my part to help Joe out! He’s in the lead at the moment, so let’s hope he stays there (As he should…).

    The people who chose what qualified for the competition have a strange definition of what constitutes a toy. Harry Potter books? Latch hook rugs? baseball cards? Oy!

  2. kneonknight says:

    Never mind the books, rugs, and baseball cards…what about underwear?

    Yup, it’s in there, #54 to be exact. What, no socks or tooth floss?

  3. James says:

    The voting closed this weekend, and it looks like Joe took the top spot with a cool 738 vote lead over the #2 contender. I guess a trip to Indianapolis is in your future! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your report!

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