GIjOE Collectors Currently Being Scouted By Producers of New TV Series “Toy Hunter” Which Premieres August 15th on the Travel Channel

All right, Joeheads…Time to give up that secret location of your “Vintage GIjOE Stash!”

For those of you who still pay to watch television (suckers!), the Travel Channel is set to premiere an all-new show called “Toy Hunter”on August 15th. Here at The Joe Report, we’re already very familiar with this show, as its producers had contacted us a couple of months ago to discuss whether or not we would allow them to feature the collections of some members of the Central Illinois GIjOE Collector’s Club.

We said, “Well sure, why not?” But apparently, after reviewing the photos of our collections, all nicely set up and neatly arranged, they decided they didn’t see anything of interest and moved on. Other well-known Joeheads such as Dave “Tanker” Matteson were subsequently contacted, but none seem to have been videotaped as of the writing of this article. Too bad, too. We think Tanker’s got a mug just made for television. Hooah!

Prominent GIjOE collector, Dave “Tanker” Matteson, has been approached by the producers of the new show “Toy Hunters.” (Photo: Dave Matteson)

When asked whether the show had decided to feature his collection on the show, Tanker replied…

“Not really. They wanted pics of my Joe room and full boxes of toys that weren’t displayed. The fact that the guy would have to walk through my messy house was not appealing either.”

So apparently, they’re looking for that fabled, undiscovered, vintage GIjOE collection that’s still hidden away in a dusty, old barn someplace. Oh…THAT one! We all know the whereabouts of that one, don’t we? HA When they find it, the show’s host, “renowned toy dealer” Jordan Hembrough, can “discover” it and then make a bundle reselling it to us later, right? Hey, it’s every picker’s dream!

For an example of what we’re talking about, take a look at this preview clip from the show found HERE where a guy pays $17,000 for a prototype Boba Fett figure. Yikes! What the producers of the show clearly don’t yet realize is that GIjOE and Action Man collectors around the world are some of the best “pickers” and scroungers in existence. And we’ve all been searching flea markets, toy shows, GIjOE cons, and garage sales for many decades now; digging through boxes and boxes of old toys, moldy Barbie collections and even Goodwill and Salvation Army stores; all with the purpose of locating just one more “lost Joe.”

Publicity still from the new Travel Channel show, Toy Hunter, with host Jordan Hembrough.
(Photo: Travel Channel)

Regardless of whether any GIjOE collector is ever featured on this new show, we wish the producers of Toy Hunter the best of luck in their searches for all undiscovered toys. Shows like American Pickers, Pawn Stars, etc have become very popular with audiences around the world, and we’re sure there’s room for one more based specifically on toys. Stay tuned!

Thanks to ace field reporter, Jerry Gonzalez, for his “heads up” tip on this show. You go, Jer’!


One thought on “GIjOE Collectors Currently Being Scouted By Producers of New TV Series “Toy Hunter” Which Premieres August 15th on the Travel Channel

  1. Andrew says:

    While I will watch the show. I really don’t care for the host. After reading your article and seeing the Pilot episode. This show should be named “Toy Scalper” not Toy Hunter. He doesn’t hunt for toys. He or his producers find collectors and then he picks through there collection taking the good stuff to resells it. If he was hunting at “flea markets, toy shows, GIjOE cons, and garage sales”, then Toy Hunter might be the right name for the show. Digging through someone’s boxed toy collection doesn’t make a hunter.

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