New 1:6 Scale Crates, Crosses & Keys for G.I. Joe

Good, basic wooden boxes. The paint jobs are cheap, but creative Joeheads know how to fix that! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

It’s time to stock up on .75 cent wooden crates at your local Hobby Lobby! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Just a quick heads up about three cool 1:6 scale finds recently discovered during a trip to our local Hobby Lobby arts and crafts supply store. First up, basic wooden crates in a variety of colors, with a metal hinge, opening lid, and magnetic closure. The quality is so-so, but good enough for what I paid—only .75¢ each! I bought over a dozen and plan on repainting them different colors for use in dioramas.

Over in the jewelry-making section, I found some tiny metal charms that would work great in 1:6 scale; a pair of ornate metal crosses and an old-style brass key. The crosses are superb and could accessorize a chaplain or be used in a vampire-hunter diorama. I removed the ring off of one of the crosses easily with a pair of pliers and sanded the top smooth—perfect! The little key charm is very cool, too, but more expensive at $2.47 apiece. If you wanted, you could get 2 or 3, put ’em all on a ring and make up a nice set of jail keys to lock up your 1:6 scale Old West desperadoes!

Cap studies the old west key from Hobby Lobby. Yee-HAW! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

You won’t find detailed crosses like this for less. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Look at the great details in this real metal cross. Fantastic for your next exorcism diorama! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Hobby Lobby is definitely one of those stores that’s worth checking out about 4 times a year (say, once every season). They rotate their stock out regularly, removing unsold merchandise from the store. So if you miss something, it’s probably not coming back anytime soon. I recommend that if you see something you like, go ahead and buy it that day, because it’ll likely be gone the next time you visit. Best of luck with your own 1:6 scale searches. Happy hunting!


6 thoughts on “New 1:6 Scale Crates, Crosses & Keys for G.I. Joe

  1. Mike Troutt says:

    Also,if you have a smart phone. Many coupons exist in different apps to get as much as 40% one item. Usually they will scan it right off the phone but if not have them page a manager. Some clerks just don’t understand. Michaels has apps for discounts the same way. Use them all the time in my projects. And you can use them over and over.

  2. kneonknight says:

    While at Hobby Lobby, don’t forget to check out the craft section, especially the aisles dealing with rubber stamps and supplies for making refrigerator magnets. I filled one of my Home Depot toolboxes with an assortment of wrenches, pliers and hammers intended to be used as decoration for the magnets. The local outlet also has miniature clasps for keychains that are nothing more than tiny carabiners about 1/2 inch long. And don’t forget the dollhouse section, if your store has one. There are plenty of hinges and other hardware perfectly suited to scratchbuilding projects found there, and occasionally an oddball accessory or two that can be easily adapted to Joe’s use. Finally, get a bag or two of gold tone “bugle” beads. They are small, cylindrical beads that are perfect as spent shell casings for your machine gun nest. Scatter a handful on the side of the weapon’s ejection port, and your shelf goes instantly from display to diorama.

  3. boyd hanby says:

    i think you guys need to encloud more info on these products ..cause i have contacted these stores and they don’t have these items ..nor do they even know of them.. no tool boxes aprons , no hadcuff earings.. and now no such item as mini wooden boxes … these items only are present in your world …and not in mine … GEE which earth do you live on ..?? the eart i live on dosen’t carry any of these items your finding ….but you doo need to provide us with stock numbers and such info i and others can maybee track down these items

  4. kneonknight says:

    Meh, I don’t keep track of stock numbers, I just call it out as I see it. Everything I have suggested is readily available not only at Hobby Lobby but at most any local craft store that caters to the dollhouse/scrapbook/amateur jewelry maker crowd. Heck, check out the local scale model/model railroad store for usable items.

    The bottom line is: If it looks “Joe” enough, then it is probably as close to perfect as it’s going to get.

    • kneonknight says:

      P.S. I neglected to mention in my original reply that the reason you wnt to check out the “rubber stamp” aisle is for tattoos.

      Biceps, chests and backs can benefit from the many patriotic themed rubber stamps in various sizes-use a pale blue/gray ink for the outline, and a thin acrylic wash to fill in the colors. Remember, once the ink goes under real skin,it is a shade or two lighter. So, muted colors and subtle shading are best.

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