TJR’s “Video Pick of the Week” #5

Screenshot from the Jean Boone interview with the 1966 Batman movie cast, including actor Adam West (shown above). (Photo: Texas Archive of the Moving Image)

For this week’s video, I thought I’d pick something relating to the classic ’60s Batman TV show. With all the excitement surrounding Hot Toy’s upcoming Batman-related products in 2013, viewing this clip now seems wholly appropriate.

The time was 1966. I was in 1st grade and like most little boys at that time, I was going absolutely ga-ga over the new Batman show on television. When my Mom informed me that they had made a movie and Batman and Robin were going to appear…in MY home town of Austin, Texas…in PERSON…well, you can just imagine how fast my little 6-year old heart was racing!

That was a long time ago now, and I don’t remember seeing the actors, but I do remember going to the theater and watching my childhood heroes cavorting up there on the big screen. Interestingly, I also remember not liking the film very much. Even at only 6 years-old, I think I realized that the ultra-campy TV-based Batman worked best in short, 30-minute episodes. When drawn out to a full movie length, the whole thing just seemed too long. Anyway…

In this video, our local CBS affiliate host, Jean Boone, interviews some of the film’s cast which had flown into Austin for the premiere. It’s a rarely seen little video and great fun to watch for the first time, all these years later. It truly fires my imagination to think of these “grown-ups” all sitting around talking together, just a few miles down the road from my house, where I was probably playing with some GIjOEs or opening up a pack of Batman bubblegum trading cards. Zowie! Those were the days… Click on the photo above or HERE NOW to watch the 9-minute video. Enjoy!

I remember seeing these posters when I was a kid. They looked AWESOME to my 6-year old eyes, and STILL DO! (Photo: midmoclub)


One thought on “TJR’s “Video Pick of the Week” #5

  1. Love it, especially Cesar Romero in full makeup, t-shirt and cigarette. He even knew the comic book origin of the Joker!

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