Captain Action Animated Series “Concept Video” Revealed for First Time to Attendees at SDCC

An animated TV series featuring the venerable Captain Action and based on the artwork of artist Joe Jusko might look something like this! (Art: Joe Jusko)

Will the execs at the Cartoon Network or over at Nicktoons realize the potential for a newly proposed, animated, action-adventure TV series based on an action figure toy from the 1960s? Fans of Captain Action were asking that very question recently as they sat through a short video presentation created to pitch the idea to various animation houses and cable channels.

During an exclusive “Captain Action Panel” held recently at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), fans and collectors were treated to various “inside intel” about the future of Round 2’s resurrected 12″ action figure including the potential for an animated series. “James” was in the audience that day and posted a brief report on the Captain Action fan forum stating…

“This is a proposed TV series, and if it gets picked up, will be produced in conjunction with G7 Animation. The reel was intended just as a means for pitching the concept of an animated Captain Action series, not how the series itself would be produced.

From what the fellow from G7 said, the series would be set in the world established in the Moonstone comic book (I wonder how Dynamite will feel about that?), with Captain Action fighting the menace of the Red Crawl.

They showed some design roughs, generally paired with an image from the comics, of some of the characters that would appear. These included Cap, of course, and Action Boy, Lady Action, the new Captain Action, and Dr. Evil.

They intend to have the real Cap as an older hero, working with and mentoring the younger heroes, who don’t quite understand the old-fashioned methods used by Cap.

They want the series to have a ‘Raiders’ feel to the adventure, with an emphasis on action and fun. The show is supposed to take place on an international stage, and include international agents that our main heroes would encounter.

In the slides referring to this, they showed roughs of what appeared to be a girl in an Action Boy-inspired uniform. Action Girl, perhaps? They didn’t say.

Of course, for anything to happen with this proposal, the series must first be green-lit and financed by some network, such as the Cartoon Network or Nicktoons. So, it may go nowhere, or it could be on TV next year. Time will tell on that one.”

Our sincere thanks to James for his acute hearing and prompt reportage on this matter. Captain Action has a lot of story potential and the old guy deserves a good quality television show (animated or otherwise). Let’s hope he gets it. Let Justice Be Done!


3 thoughts on “Captain Action Animated Series “Concept Video” Revealed for First Time to Attendees at SDCC

  1. kneonknight says:

    As long as it has a plot and isn’t just another of the half-hour commercials so prevalent these days I wouldn’t mind seeing this-maybe it could help my young ‘un understand my nostalgia about the ol’ Captain.

    I’m just wondering how they will handle the licensing of the various superheroes he has impersonated.

  2. James says:

    During the panel, they said that they weren’t going to deal with having Cap change into heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, and the like. The licensing to use characters like those would be too prohibative. While they did not explicitly say so, since their intent is to use the characters and situations from the Moonstone comic run, they’ll probably have him change into the original hero characters from that comic (Design roughs of Savior were shown with the others, so they do plan to use him), or possibly create new characters for him to transform into.


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