Pencil-necked Geeks Getting in Shape at Manhattan Beach, CA’s “G.I. Joe Bootcamp”

“GIjOE Bootcamp” puts its clients through serious physical training on beautiful California beaches. (Photo illustration: Mark Otnes)

GIjOE Bootcamp’s Physical trainer, Joe Charles (Photo: GIjOE Bootcamp)

The average GIjOE collector is more likely to be pear-shaped than “action figure-shaped.” And that’s okay. We’re secure enough to be content with our bodies just as they are (aren’t we?). But if you’re really not satisfied with your current physique, now there’s a place you can go to do something about it. Welcome to California’s “GIjOE Bootcamp!”

The brainchild of actor, “ultimate fighter” and physical trainer, Joe Charles, GIjOE Bootcamp promises to help you train harder and take your body up to its “next level.” And Charles is clearly the man for the job. According to the GIjOE Bootcamp website found HERE

Charles has been reporting for duty at the GIjOE Bootcamp for 11 1/2 years and has become a South Bay institution under the employ of the Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation Department.

“I love the energy of the people I meet,” Charles said. “I’m very blessed. I try to share the love and energy with them. I try my best not to get out of control and make people do push-ups.”

Charles comes with five-star credentials. He served as a UFC fighter in the 1990s and even won the UFC Super Fight Russia in 1998 to bring the title back from Russia to the United States. He’s also starred in several action movies, including the 1995 film “Virtuosity” with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Now Charles is becoming renowned for his GIjOE Bootcamp.

For those who “save the day” by being the first one to finish the circuit and thus end the class, Charles has special prizes that range from a box of suntan lotion to energy bars and other goodies. Maybe the most sought-after are the GIjOE Dog Tags. “On one side, it says, `I took it to the next level.’ Everyone wants them, but you have to show me something to get those,” Charles said.

Sounds like a great place to spend the morning. Pounding sand with Joe Charles. Getting in top physical shape. And winning a set of those nifty GIjOE dogtags. Let’s GO with GIjOE and get in shape at the GIjOE Bootcamp. They’re waiting on us! Hooah!


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