1:6 Scale All-Metal Police Handcuffs for G.I. Joe

Police Sergeant Raul Acosta of the NYPD tests out his new, all-metal, fully functional 1:6 scale handcuffs from Claire’s Jewelry. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

This is what the earrings look like in the Claire’s store. And remember: 1 pair of earrings equals 2 complete sets of handcuffs ($6.50). Buy 2 pairs and get a 3rd for free. That makes 6 pairs of handcuffs for $14. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

I know a good thing when I see it (or read about it). So when legendary GIjOE collector, Sean Huxter, recently reported his discovery of 1:6 scale, real metal, fully functional handcuffs—I jumped on it! According to Sean’s original post over in the Facebook Sandbox

“Just shopped at Claire’s, the girl’s accessory store, earrings, necklaces, headbands, etc… ’cause I have a sixteen year old girl. Whenever we hit one, I look for stuff that’s fodder for miniature stuff, and they have often come through big-time.

This time, I found a series (necklace, bracelet, earrings) made from a shiny set of handcuffs that are – get this – actually made to GIjOE scale, not oversized, and – get this even more – FUNCTIONAL!

The earrings are the hookup because you get TWO pairs for $6.50, whereas the other items are that or more for just one pair. You will have to do some chain re-linking, because the chains are too long, but they are really very nice.

There’s a thumb catch, and when you flip it and pull, the handcuff comes apart, and it’s exactly right. All the ratchets are there, and they work! Shove ’em in and they click just like real full-sized cuffs.”

My NYPD Top Cop cuffs Joe before taking him on his infamous “perp walk” to the “hoosgow.” (Photo: Mark Otnes)

After reading Sean’s post, I zipped right over to Claire’s (found in most shopping malls and also online HERE) and snagged some for myself. But as they say on TV…”That’s not all!” Right now, if you buy two pairs (that’d be 4 ‘cuffs), they’ll give you a third pair—for FREE. Whatta deal!

I walked out of the store with SIX pairs of handcuffs for only 14 bucks. That’s enough ‘cuffs for my entire 1:6 scale police force. I didn’t even mind all the weird looks I got from the 12 year-olds and their moms as I stood there buying 3 pairs of earrings. My wife even whispered, “Maybe next time, I should buy them for you.” HA Thanks again to “Eagle-eyed” Sean Huxter for this great intel. (The men on my “force” thank you too!)


9 thoughts on “1:6 Scale All-Metal Police Handcuffs for G.I. Joe

  1. boyd hanby says:

    i check out there web site and nothing listed … no hand cuff earings at all and the nearest store to me is over 100 miles away…….to far away ………..

  2. kneonknight says:

    Sweet! First the toolboxes and carpenter’s apron, now some handcuffs! Keep it coming guys, I love finding stuff to repurpose for my Joes.

  3. boyd hanby says:

    i check with claires jewerly store ..handcuff earings only available in a few select stores ..not available on line.. …PS NO GIJOE BUDDIES HERE IN KEYSER WV… most folks here hered of gijoe but never had any…. and otheres look at me like i had 3 heads and came from mars……whens the next intergalactic ship heading for mars ??
    ps again ..100 miles is too far when you can’t drive …..and can barely walk any longer.

  4. kneonknight says:

    Oops, almost forgot…when used singly, without leg shackles and a waist chain, the handcuffs should be behind the suspect’s/prisoner’s back. Unless he was arrested by the harbor patrol, in which case his hands would be cuffed in front to facilitate swimming if the vessel went down.

    I’m so helpful. *laugh*

  5. DCogsdil says:

    I own a jewelry business and I do sell handcuff earrings, bracelets and necklaces. And mine look like the real thing with the chain between the cuffs. And my earrings are $5 plus tax and shipping. $5.75 total.

  6. DCogsdil says:

    Oh I so love your policeman….looks so real. Does anyone know how to take the hands off of a GI Joe which has black permanent gloves and I want to find normal hands. I have found some on eBay but not sure it will fit him cause I don’t know what is on the inside of his hand and I don’t want to ruin him cause he does look like my husband….yeah I know I am weird. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. thank you and have an awesomeness day. Debs

    • Hi Deborah,
      Thanks for writing. Removing hands is easy. Fill a mug with water, bring to boil in a microwave for 2 minutes, then place the figure’s arm and hand into the mug. Allow to soak for minute, remove from water, use a dishrag to pull the hand out (it will be soft and HOT). Insert the new hand in while the arm is still hot. Repeat for the other hand. Allow to cool. You’re done! The same can be done for switching heads, but since yours already looks like your husband, you’re good to go. —Mark

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