Hot Toys’ 1:6 Scale 1966 Batmobile Confirmed

Attendees at the recent San Diego Comic Con were stunned to discover the new Hot Toys 1:6 scale Batmobile on display. This 3/4 view shows off its awesome SIZE and accuracy of detail.
(Photo: Centrocol) Click to enlarge.

Hot Toys, DC Comics and Sideshow Collectibles have all confirmed the creation and impending release of a 1:6 scale Batmobile based on George Barris’ classic custom car from the 1966 Batman TV series starring Adam West. Collectors of 1:6 scale action figures and crazed “Bat-fans” worldwide were STUNNED by the news and are scrambling to save up for what will undoubtedly be an expensive “adult collectible” toy. According to a (clumsily written) official statement…

“We are now proud to present the license of the hugely popular classic Batman 1966 Live-action TV Series! First bringing to fans is this finely crafted 1/6th scale Batmobile collectible from the Series which is proudly unveiled at San Diego Comic Con today! Fans, please visit the booth of Sideshow Collectibles (booth number: 1929) to have a close look at our one-of-its-kind Batmobile! More collectibles from this Series are coming soon! Stay tuned!”

Side view of new 1:6 scale Batmobile. (Photo: Hot Toys)

This 3/4 view appears to indicate working headlights, although that fact has yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer. (Photo: Hot Toys)

Jaws continue to drop around the world as fans get their first looks at this amazing toy. We think a fan who calls himself “nevergrewup” over on the Captain Action forum put it best when he said…

“Of course you realize this is your biggest fantasy and your worst nightmare all at the same time. Kinda like you come home from work and find all of the models from the SI Swimsuit edition in your house and you’re all alone with them.

Now, you’re a good boy. You’re not going to do anything to betray your wedding vows. You’re just going to sit there, blush and giggle alot…mostly blush. Then! Then! You hear a key in the door. Oh, snap! Your wife is home early. There is no way you could ever explain it to her.

Of course I have to have one of these, but if one mysteriously shows up at my house, it’s far too big to hide, and I could never explain it. Who knew that being a grown-up could be so complicated?”

An official MSRP has not yet been released, but based on similar past releases, estimates range between $400 and $800. More intel as it becomes available. Until then, enjoy these additional preview pics taken by our alert field reporter,”Centocol” recently at the San Diego Con…

Interior closup reveals outstanding details including the famous “Bat-phone”
and the “Emergency Bat-Turn Lever.” (Photo: Centrocol) Click to enlarge.

Side view shows superb craftsmanship and detail. (Photo: Centrocol)

Imagine if you hooked up REAL FLAME to come out the exhaust port. WOW. (Photo: AFI)


18 thoughts on “Hot Toys’ 1:6 Scale 1966 Batmobile Confirmed

  1. Wow! But when will they come out with the 1:6 Adam West Batman figure?

  2. kneonknight says:

    I really can’t imagine Hot Toys not releasing an Adam West “Batman”…if they’re smart, there will also be a Burt Ward “Robin” as well.

    But which Cat Woman? Julie Newmar had a fantastic bum, but Eartha Kitt was overall the sexiest. Lee Merriweather is not even in the running-I can’t remember a single moment of her on screen.

  3. Matthew says:

    It’s gotta be Newmar definitely! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl Hot Toys and Burt Ward Robin. And it would be nice to have the core villains (Joker,Riddler). Heck I’d buy Bookworm, Egghead, and King Tut. These are the toys we wanted when we were kids. Once I have them I can one day die in peace LOL.

  4. Esse sim, show, perfeito…

  5. Nige says:

    Is there any more news on when this will be available and any idea on how much it will be?

  6. Al Hartman says:

    Some of the details are wrong. There should be nothing in the front and rear grilles. Barris added lawn sprinklers painted red for some reason after the show finished. He added all sorts of labels and crap to the car, much of which I see replicated in the prototype above. I’d be disappointed to spend this kind of money on the car and have it ruined by crap that Barris added to he car after the shows run was completed.

    Someone at Hot Toys ought to watch episodes of the show and do lots of screen caps, then remove all the false detail.

    Then, I might consider buying one of these.

  7. Batguy says:

    There could be issues with some character figures, dare I mention the series DVD?

  8. gr689 says:

    OMG WHAT ABOUT BATGIRL??? We got Hot Toys 1966 Batman and Robin but Batgirl had the coolest outfit EVER!! My daughter had the Barbie with the motorcycle and I now wished she never took it out of the box because it was beautiful!! and I can’t imagine how nice Hot Toys could make Batgirl turn out

  9. gr689 says:

    Look, I’ve never wanted to throw down money on these HUGE Hot Toys replicas…although I liked them a great deal, but when I saw the 1966 collection coming out…wow I have to have at least Batman and Robin and the Batmobile…..I wasn’t a huge fan of the show but I liked it…but something about that era that makes toys look all that much more appealing….I mean ‘toys’ in the lightest sense of the word….they’re more like collectables and show pieces…art is what they really are….60’s ART!!! Be nice to add Batgirl and her Batcycle too!!

  10. Ralph says:

    OK all BSC aside…WHEN can we pre-order the batmobile? When,when, when. I don’t want to wake up one day and find out all the orders are full!!!!!

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