800+ Figures G.I. Joe Collection Auction, 7-14-12

Large auctions such as this one are an excellent opportunity for collectors to acquire unusual or rare items, such as this IRWIN Amphibious Duck w/box. (Photo: Younger Auctions)

It’s a sad day in any collector’s life when the decision is finally made to “get out” of our beloved GIjOE hobby. Whether due to a collector’s health, financial difficulties, or simply a change in outlook, liquidating a personal collection is always a painful and emotional task.

This excellent LSO is practically begging for someone to buy him. “Please! I need a new home!” (Photo: Younger Auctions) Click to enlarge.

Unfortunately, one such collector in Missouri has had to make that painful choice recently. We don’t know his reasons, but we know that his fellow fans worldwide support his difficult decision and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Hopefully, the money raised from this auction will be of use and serve the purpose(s) desired.

This particular 800+ figure auction takes place on July 14th, 2012 in Maryville, Missouri, starting at 11AM Central and will be hosted by the Younger Auction Company.

As with most auctions nowadays, if you are unable to attend in person, you are still able to place bids either by phone or online. In fact, the Younger’s have already set a nifty online bid portal found HERE if you’d like to enter your maximum bids ahead of time.

Of course, don’t forget to read all of the fine print. There is an additional 18% buyer’s premium on top of the winning bid, plus shipping, etc. Best of luck to the seller and to all who participate!


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