New “Dr. Evil” Comic Shop Posters Generate Interest Among Captain Action Collectors

Big, colorful, Dr. Evil poster by Round 2. (Photo: Ed Catto)

Round 2’s spokesman, Ed Catto, just released a brief statement on the Captain Action fan forum along with a couple of tantalizing “teaser” photos revealing freshly printed copies of a new, full color, limited-edition poster promoting the company’s upcoming Dr. Evil action figure. In the first photo, a beautiful blonde model is shown posing next to the poster to help provide a better sense of scale. (Thanks, Ed!)

Unfortunately, according to Catto’s statement, plans for the poster are currently limited to comic shop distribution only, with no extra copies available for public sale. But the poster’s graphics are so cool, collectors such as Scott Brooks immediately responded with encouraging statements such as:

“I smell collectible! That’s a great poster, Ed—bold, eye-catching, and packed with info—and your model is absolutely stunning!”

Ed’s second “teaser” photo showed many of the new dealer-only posters spread out on a table. (Photo: Ed Catto)

Other fans quickly wrote in to declare their equally undying love (for the poster), requesting instructions on how they too, might be able to acquire a copy. Catto (probably surprised by the strident fan response) didn’t immediately commit to anything, but in a short reply, he left the door open to the possibility of a future re-release of the poster for fans, saying…

“The original plan was to just make them for retailers, but if a lot of guys on the (Captain Action Fan) list like them, we can make more.”

So there is a chance. Keep your fingers crossed! If you’d like to encourage Ed and the guys at Round 2 to reprint the Dr. Evil poster for fans to purchase, please leave a comment here on The Joe Report. And then…Let justice be done!


One thought on “New “Dr. Evil” Comic Shop Posters Generate Interest Among Captain Action Collectors

  1. Gary says:

    What a GREAT POSTER!! – Let us know how collectors can obtain copies for their Captain Action Collections !

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