“Hollywood Treasure” Auction To Include Numerous Vintage ’60s GIjOEs, July 28, 2012

Superb, NRFB Japanese figures to be auctioned off on July 28th. (Photo: PIH)

Joseph Maddelana of Hollywood Treasure (Graphic: Syfy)

If you’ve ever seen “Hollywood Treasure,” on TV’s Syfy Channel, you know that Joseph Maddelana and his peppy-preppy team search the world over for the “rarest of the rare” items to include in one of their upcoming “Profiles in History” (PIH) auctions.

Of particular interest to GIjOE collectors, PIH’s next big auction on July 28th includes numerous vintage Joe items, many of which are still NRFB (never removed from box). We were recently contacted by PIH’s beautiful Michelle Leonard who also offered the following information…

“We are sad to not be at GIjOE Con, but we would love to share the Dreier Auction catalog that has hundreds of vintage Joes available for auction coming July 28th. Check it out HERE. You can even bid online. Good luck!”

NRFB Deep Sea Diver (Photo: PIH)

We took Michelle’s advice and went through the online PIH auction catalog page by page, from beginning to end. WOW. In addition to all the great vintage GIjOEs for sale, there’s tons of other toys, pop-culture items and Hollywood memorabilia of every conceivable type (and expense).

So, if you have some extra money just burning a hole in your pocket, this auction would be a great place to pick up some of those NRFB items you’ve been looking for. Some of the related Joe stuff is even grouped together, providing a better chance of purchasing items for a reasonable amount. It’s worth a look! (Editor’s Note: If you decide to bid on something during this auction, please write us here at The Joe Report to tell us about your experience.) 

Fantastic French Freedom Fighters! (Photo: PIH)

One lot features a boatload of GIjOE Sailors. (Photo: PIH)


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