GIjOE Con 2012 Now Underway in New Orleans, LA

If you’re fortunate enough to be in New Orleans, LA this weekend, we’re sure you’re enjoying yourself at the 2012 GIjOE Collector’s Club Convention. With all the fans, special guests, special events and myriad Joe merchandise for sale, national conventions are THE place to be for Joeheads every year.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this year’s big blowout in the Big Easy, but I’m sure coverage will be forthcoming from numerous fans soon. Our best wishes to those who did make it down there. Please feel free to submit and share your experiences and photos with others here on The Joe Report. Have a great time! GO JOE!


2 thoughts on “GIjOE Con 2012 Now Underway in New Orleans, LA

  1. Hey everyone! We are sad to not be at G.I.JOE CON but we would love to share the Dreier Auction catalog that has hundreds of vintage G.I. Joes available for auction coming July 28th! Check it out. You can even bid online! Good luck.. The Profiles in History team…

  2. Thanks for writing in, Michelle. Love the show. I’ve quoted you with the article reporting on the auction. Hope all goes well on the 28th.

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