Customizer Converts Command Car to WC55 M6 37mm Gun Motor Carriage in Perfect 1:6 Scale

Wayne’s custom truck is outstanding in every detail. Interestingly, the M6 wasn’t that popular with American troops due to the fact it wasn’t armored and its main gun wasn’t powerful enough to take on the Panzer tanks it encountered on the battlefield. It found its greatest success as a post-war vehicle used by the French Army. (Photo: Wayne Schoenberg)

Last March, I stood transfixed as I watched GIjOE collector and customizer, Wayne Schoenberg, walking carefully across the main Joelanta showroom. In his arms, he was cradling something big. Something UNIQUE. Something most fans didn’t recognize.

Wayne Schoenberg’s custom M6 truck on display at this year’s Joelanta. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

In fact, I was probably the only one at Joelanta that morning who knew what Wayne was carrying. A couple of weeks prior to the show, Wayne had emailed me some “sneak preview” pics of an amazing custom vehicle he had created. As I slowly crossed the room to get a better look, I found myself holding my breath, because I knew this item was something VERY special.

Heads turned, eyebrows were raised, and quizzical looks appeared on the faces of others standing nearby. When Wayne reached the center of the room, he stopped, and then—very gently—placed his unique creation down on the table with an audible sigh of relief. For Schoenberg, a 15-month “labor of love” had finally reached its completion.

Closeup of the interior reveals handcrafted seats and other outstanding details. (Photo: Wayne Schoenberg)

I crossed the room to confirm my suspicions and was thrilled to finally meet Wayne and see his creation up close. It was perfect! His custom, a converted Patton command car that he had upgraded into a breathtaking 37mm WC55 M6 Gun Motor Carriage, was correct down to the smallest detail. I knew right then and there it deserved to be featured on The Joe Report. Wayne was too preoccupied for me to interview him that day, but this week, he kindly sent in some information about the M6 via email. Here’s his story…

Wayne’s M6 on his work table during customization. You can see how much had to be handcrafted and created from scratch. (Photo: Wayne Schoenberg)

“I chose to create the WC55 M6 version because I had not seen that version done before. After I talked myself into cutting a perfectly good 21st Century Patton Command Car into pieces, I got started.

First, I removed the roof, spare tire, windshield, etc., anything that might be broken during the project. I separated the body from the frame and cut it in half 5½” behind the front fenders.

I used 3/16” foam board to get the rear cargo area/gun shield measurements correct. Then, I transferred the measurements to sheets of styrene, added hobby chain and nylon string to the winch, some wires to the headlights, mounting brackets for the rifle scabbards, plus straps, buckles and a chain for the Hasbro fuel cans and holders.

Next, I added rivet blinds for switches to the dashboard, made the seats covers and cushions, seatbelts, a ration box, ax, shovel mounting brackets, some canvas top tie-down hooks and a chain for the tail gate.

The 37mm gun came from the Dragon model kit. The ration boxes were made out of basswood and their labels were created in Word.

I worked on the truck whenever time allowed, averaging 3 or 4 hours of work done per week. When completed, it took me around 15 months to complete.

Wayne Schoenberg in his Joe Room at home. (Photo: Wayne Schoenberg)

I work for a property management company in the Houston area in the building services department. I started collecting in 2002 and have been upgrading vehicles since 2009. I love to see what others do with their figures and vehicles and have already begun working on something new for Joelanta 2013. It was nice to meet Mark and I want to thank him for supporting Joelanta. The Joe Report is the first thing I read in the morning!”


4 thoughts on “Customizer Converts Command Car to WC55 M6 37mm Gun Motor Carriage in Perfect 1:6 Scale

  1. Joseph says:

    I have a restored WC-55. Your model is beautiful and very accurate.

  2. GIJOEBILL says:

    That is a work of art!!

  3. Gary says:

    Wow – Amazing Detail ! Very nice JOB!!!

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