“Rocketeer” Uniform Set Grounded———Until 2013!

According to a statement made by R2’s Joe Ahern, production of the highly anticipated “Rocketeer” uniform set for Captain Action has been postponed, at least until 2013. (Photo: Disney)

The Rocketeer set as shown in previous “teaser” photos from R2. (Photo: Round 2)

Fans of 1:6 scale action figures (and Captain Action especially) were saddened to read a recent statement made by one of Round 2’s head honchos, Joe Ahern, in which he flatly declared that production of the company’s highly anticipated Rocketeer uniform set has been postponed—at least until 2013. In a post left June 11th on a CA fan forum, Ahern revealed the following…

“Here s the deal. Unfortunately, we needed to put the Rocketeer uniform set on hold in order to focus on a special Holiday release for Toys ‘R Us. We still very much want to do it (the Rocketeer set) and will be revisiting the notion in 2013.

After the special holiday releases, our next scheduled ‘wave’ includes Iron Man, the Red Skull and a TBA CA figure which will be out approximately March 2013, followed by Summer and Fall releases.”

Sigh…They say “Good things come to those who wait.” I guess we can all continue to wait a little longer. Especially for something as cool as this new Rocketeer set. Whoooosh!


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