Customizer Creates Unique VTOL Panther Jet for Captain Action’s Sidekick, “Kid Action”

The Desimone Panther Jet is a logical choice for the smaller “Kid Action” action figures. Gary Stair’s one-of-a-kind, customized version (shown above) includes a canopy support system, fully detailed cockpit, removable ejector seat, and much more. (Photo: Gary Stair)

Stair’s unique “flying rover” ejection seat system, complete with ejector-assist rockets and a rescue parachute.
(Photo: Gary Stair)

Recently, renowned Captain Action fan, collector and customizer, Gary Stair (profiled HERE), sent in some new photos to The Joe Report revealing his latest exotic, 1:6 scale creation—a VTOL version of the Desimone repro Panther Jet. Once again, Stair has demonstrated an amazing flair for creating new vehicles and aircraft.

The Panther Jet has always been underscale for GIjOE, but its smaller size seems quite appropriate for Captain Action’s youthful sidekick, “Kid Action.” The addition of a VTOL system, ejector seat and canopy support are just a few of the creative improvements made to Desimone’s basic jet. Stair provided this additional intel on his latest creation…

Top view reveals how the plane’s small-scale works quite well with the almost Mego-sized Kid Action figure. (Photo: Gary Stair)

“Since Captain Action had all the great outfits and now some cool custom vehicles (see March 8th entry), it was time to give Kid Action a few vehicles of his own.

I started with the Cotswold Panther Jet and gave it some special modifications: An extra coat of flat metallic black paint, extended the cockpit, added a couple gold-tipped laser sighting wing guns, cockpit access steps and extra cargo holds for supplies and rescue items. In addition, to help Kid Action land and take off in smaller, more densely populated remote spaces, I also added (VTOL) a vertical take-off and landing thrusters system.

A closeup of Stair’s cockpit and its removable ejector seat system shows ingenious attention to detail. (Photo: Gary Stair)

But the customizing wasn’t complete without a F-22 Raptor cockpit conversion kit from Patches of Pride (found HERE). I was able to customize the interior with a high-G seat pad, high-visibility ejection seat straps, main instrument cluster, heads-up display and seat pad mounting straps!

However, for those short trips outside of the plane – Kid Action has a flying rover ejector seat to scout the local terrain. In case of an emergency evac – the rover seat also has a rescue parachute and various survival geared stored on-board.”

(Editor’s note: Superb work, Gary! You’ve definitely earned your (unofficial) “Captain Action Customizer’s Award” for this one. Please keep us updated on your future customizations. —Mark)

4 thoughts on “Customizer Creates Unique VTOL Panther Jet for Captain Action’s Sidekick, “Kid Action”

  1. Frank Hollingshead says:

    Great job on the Panther! What kind of paint did you use for the coat of flat black? Did you use an airbrush? Thanks for an inspirational article!

    • Anonymous says:

      Frank – Thanks for the message – A lot of airbrushing to get the paint right (I also used Krylon flat black paint – (for plastic) – as a base coat) and Mark (from Patches of Pride) provided the decals and interior cockpit set up. With his parts – it made the project so much easier to complete.
      Thanks again for the comments – it’s nice to see others appreciate your work!

  2. Steve Polzak says:

    That is a nice jet. Hell, FANTASTIC really. Got a great little future-looking 3-wheel ride in 1/6 scale. But if true 1/6 adult figures don’t fit it, well, I will have it for Kid Action as his own. Call it Side Action for when he does something on his own.

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