TJR’s “Video Pick of the Week” #3

Simply trying to enjoy his beer, GijOE turns to face the verbal assaults of an annoying, wise-cracking Ken in this scene from podGeneration’s amusing video. (Photo: podGeneration)

This week, our “Video pick of the Week” is entitled, “GIjOE vs. Ski Fun Ken Doll.” It’s a quietly entertaining, 5 1/2 minute, stop-motion adventure in which Joe is repeatedly taunted by Ken until he accepts a challenge to a “kamikaze down hill” snow boarding race. Ken’s so sure he’ll win, that he even dares Joe to wager car titles—his shiny, 911 Porsche Cabriolet against Joe’s trusty Jeep.

What makes the video especially enjoyable is that it shows a solid effort was made to get the characters just right. Ken is the preppy, annoying wuss we all expect him to be, while Joe is perfectly portrayed as the strong and silent type, a trained fighter and adventurer who knows how to keep his cool in the face of Ken’s taunting insults.

In this screenshot from the video, the attention to accurately scaled set details is obvious. Superb work. (Photo: podGeneration)

The sets are superb as well. Be sure to hit “pause” now and then to appreciate what you’re really seeing. The filmmaker’s “Whiskey Dick’s Saloon” includes a perfectly scaled billiards table, plus cues, booths and more. There’s even a lamp hanging over the billiards table and a tiny piece of cue chalk for Joe to use as he prepares to take another shot.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the numerous guest star cameos (and see how many can you name). Those familiar with classic TV celebrities from the ’70s should have no trouble. And listen to their voice characterizations—hilarious! This is a solid video with a great surprise ending. Enjoy!

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