FLASH!…Release of “GIjOE Retaliation” Postponed Until March, 2013———for 3D?

Cap wonders if delaying the new GIjOE film just to convert it to 3D is a wise decision by Paramount, or as some fans have called it, a “bonehead” move? (Photo illustration: Mark Otnes)

Stunning news was announced today regarding the highly anticipated summer blockbuster, GIjOE Retaliation. In what many analysts quickly labeled as a “bonehead” move on the part of Paramount Studios, the film’s release date has been pushed back to March of NEXT YEAR (2013) so that the film can be converted to 3D. Collective cries of “Oh, C’mon!” are being heard worldwide, as GIjOE fans everywhere shake their heads in disbelief. For additional details on this breaking story, we refer you to the article in today’s LA Times

“In surprisingly late fashion, the release date for ‘GIjOE Retaliation’ has been postponed. Paramount had planned to roll out the film on June 29, in time for the July 4th weekend. But Wednesday, just weeks before it was due to follow that long laid-out plan, the studio announced that the action sequel starring The Rock, Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis will arrive on March 29, 2013, reportedly so the movie can be converted to 3D. The move leaves ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ with no major competition for blockbuster status that weekend, and also leaves Paramount with no big releases this summer.”

Paramount spent a fortune promoting the June 29th release of this film. Now, they’ll have to spend it all over again next March. OUCH.
(Photo: Paramount/Hasbro)

While technically possible, it’s widely known that converting films originally shot in 2D into 3D is practically pointless artistically.  Typically, such decisions are made done purely for financial reasons. According to Sean Huxter, a highly regarded GIjOE collector and 3D animation professional

“This is not a good sign. Movies SHOT in 3D don’t take longer to put out. Movies retroactively ADAPTED to 3D do, and they suck. LARGE. You can’t fake 3D from a flat movie. At least not well. There was one exception: ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’ I looked for 3D errors and found none. However, most other adapted 3D movies were awful. Lumpy polygonal blankets textured with crowd scenes in the hopes no one would notice… I mean really…

 The Superman movie that went to iMax a few years back had some of the worst 3D I’ve ever seen. Thankfully they only had several scenes injected into the movie that were 3D. The rest was flat. (!?) But there were cut seams along the shoulder seam of Clark Kent’s shirt… the texture on the floor of the water tower as he looked down from it were not matched eye to eye… Gawd… I do 3D photography all the time. I’m VERY conscious of these errors. Shooting a film in 3D is fine. Just don’t fake it.”

For many moviegoers, the use of 3D in movies is no longer worth the added expense.

Personally, I don’t care for 3D films. I don’t enjoy having to wear those goofy glasses, viewing darker, fuzzier images or paying higher ticket prices. The 3D effect itself simply no longer holds any real “WOW” factor for me. I’d much rather see the film now, in 2D.

Some disregard Paramount’s “official” explanation of incorporating 3D into the film as reason for its delay. Collector and fan Alan Davis put it this way…

“The delay has little or nothing to do with post-conversion. There’s re-shoots and added scenes being shot and THAT is a sign of trying to polish a turd. Ya don’t yank a tentpole movie just 35 days from release to post-convert to 3D if the movie WORKS. Its done to shore up a film that the studio has no confidence in. Word coming out of test screenings confirm that the film is a stinker.”

Others think there’s more to it than we’re being told. And that future television rights may be affecting Paramount’s decisions. According to GIjOE fan and collector, Dave “Tanker” Matteson

“According to Chu, he wanted to shoot it in 3D. Paramount told him no, and to shoot in 2D. He shot the film as if he were doing it in 3D and when they edited the film they cut almost 40 minutes out of it.

Now they want it in 3D (which I will never watch it in) and not just for the theater, they want it converted for the new TV markets.

Now Chu is going to spend their money to re-edit the film and will add almost 30 more minutes because he had to take stuff out. Some military members that were in the movie have screened it and said it was great.”

However Paramount’s decision to postpone GIjOE Retaliation will ultimately effect it at the box office remains to be seen. Stay tuned for additional intel as it becomes available.

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