Independent British Filmmaker to Release New Action Man Documentary on DVD in 2012-2013

In this screenshot from Tony Robert’s upcoming documentary, The Story of Action Man, an exciting vintage store display is shown. WOW! (Photo: Tortured Genius Films)

Mitch Lieding’s 2002 GIjOE documentary set a very high standard for others to follow. (Photo: Amazon)

In 2002, a GIjOE-based documentary entitled, “The Story of America’s Movable Fighting Man,” was released onto DVD by producer/director Mitch Lieding. In that 110 minute video, Lieding wisely recorded interviews with all of GIjOE’s aging, original creators, asking them to recount their unique memories of working for Hasbro during the company’s earliest days and of their involvement  with the creation and evolution of GIjOE in particular. Lieding’s finished documentary was superb in every way, and to this day, it remains a “must-see” for all fans wishing to learn more about GIjOE’s origins.

Now, exactly 10 years later, another exciting documentary entitled, “The Story of Action Man,” is due to be completed and released onto DVD sometime in 2012. Clearly inspired by Lieding’s 2002 GIjOE doc, this new film focuses instead on GIjOE’s fighting British cousin, Action Man.

In this scene, Palitoy Tooling Manager Roger Morrison discusses the earliest days of Britain’s favorite action figure. (Photo: Tortured Genius Films)

Directed by independent documentary filmmaker, Tony Roberts, this film will include interviews with Palitoy’s original creative team, as well as with current fans and collectors in the UK and elsewhere. According to Roberts’ website…

“The story of Palitoy’s Action Man documents his enlistment into the action figure ranks of the late 1960s, through to his glory days in the 1970s and onto his eventual honourable discharge in 1984. During his 18 years of service on the frontline of living room battles, Action Man continued to innovate and evolve and remained at the forefront of the boy’s toy market throughout his entire career.

Independent filmmaker Tony Roberts prepares to shoot another scene for his upcoming Action Man documentary. (Photo: Tortured Genius Films)

With the support and input from several of Action Man’s original designers, The Story of ACTION MAN is an accurate and entertaining documentary feature film chronicling the history of one of the greatest pop culture icons of the latter 20th Century. Relive your childhood and take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with The Story of ACTION MAN, due for release in 2012.”

This is truly exciting news. Fans of 1:6 scale action figures readily agree there is a wide opportunity and hunger for quality documentaries on GIjOE, Action Man, Geyperman and others action figure toy lines. So it’s good to see a new independent filmmaker finally stepping up and preparing a new documentary. Please keep us updated, Tony. And…Go, ACTION MAN! To visit Tony’s documentary website, go HERE. To watch the official trailer for the documentary, go HERE.


One thought on “Independent British Filmmaker to Release New Action Man Documentary on DVD in 2012-2013

  1. kneonknight says:

    As an American citizen, I didn’t even know that “Action Man” existed until I deployed to Germany during one of the many REFORGER exercises in the 80s. It’s realy a shame that Palitoy didn’t have access to the U.S. market, as some of their later sets that are not mere Hasbro licensed products are true masterpieces.

    As a plug for one of my favorite stores, Cotswold Collectibles is currently offering DiD’s vintage style hard hands for $1.99 per pair, and yes, they do fit the original vintage bodies. They are a bit more “pink” than your vintage Joes, but not outrageously so.

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