Back From the Dead———Mego DRACULA Figure Exhumed After 37 Years Buried in Backyard

After being buried for 37 years, Dracula’s cape and costume have pretty much disintegrated, but most of the plastic body has remained intact. (Photo: Lennie Starr)

In one of the rarest of collector probabilities, a man’s original childhood Mego Dracula figure was recently rediscovered after having been buried in a suburban home’s backyard almost four decades ago. Locating a long-lost childhood toy is difficult enough. But recovering one that had been BURIED for 37 years is extremely uncommon.

Drac’s evil eyes haunted Lennie so much that he decided to bury the figure 12″ deep in his father’s backyard! (Photo: Plaidstallions)

The man in question is Lennie Starr of Ohio. Here’s his account of this amazing discovery as he posted it over on the Mego Talk fan forum…

“My friends and I buried this when I was 8 years old. It gave me the creeps because the eyes glowed at night. We had a funeral for it and everything. I had mentioned this on the boards many years ago.

Buried in my backyard in 1975, this was finally unearthed today, May 21, 2012. My father located it while he was doing some landscaping at their house. Buried for 37 years! I had a general idea where it was, but could never locate it. My mother was never too keen on my digging up her lawn.

I would very much like to restore this thing. The head looks very zombified. I cannot locate the clothing or the arms. I don’t remember it being in pieces. Perhaps it rotted. Welcome back childhood Dreadful Dracula! It’s been a very long time.

Original Type-1 Mego Draculas looked like this and featured especially “creepy” eyes.
(Photo: Mego Museum)

I asked Lennie if he had any additional information about his unusual find and he replied…

“This was buried about 10-12″ down. I can’t make out the cloth. But I thought I wrapped it in a towel or something. The head has yellowed and hardened a bit, with some dark stains or spots on it. But the type-1 body parts have held up perfectly with just minor fading.

I do not remember it being in pieces, but that was a long time ago. The metal rivets have deteriorated quite a bit and the pieces that are not there were not found. I was not permitted to keep digging up the yard to look or I would have done just that!”

Of course, other fans on the forum quickly realized that the intrinsic value of Lennie’s unique figure is actually highest just as it is—unrestored. In its current exhumed and “decayed” condition, along with his interesting story, Lennie’s “Dreadful Dracula” is  now a one-of-a-kind connection to his childhood and to Mego’s past. Some even suggested making a little coffin for the remains and simply displaying it that way. Now THAT’S a great idea. Whatever you decide, congratulations on your rare find, Lennie. Just don’t look at his “creepy eyes!”


3 thoughts on “Back From the Dead———Mego DRACULA Figure Exhumed After 37 Years Buried in Backyard

  1. kneonknight says:

    Oh, if only I could retrieve the lost relics of my childhood…many Joes, Best of the West, Action Man, Hot Wheels, Lincoln Logs, and those incredible Marx Playsets (especially the “Desert Fox” set with the huge M48 tank in scale with the soldiers)

    I would be a very happy old fart today.

    On a semi-related note, I took my four year old daughter shopping today and offered to buy her a new “Ken” doll to replace the one I hijacked for a customization experiment, and she refused. While browsing the action figure aisle, she spotted a G.I. Joe Paratrooper and screamed with excitement. We spent the afternoon getting him “dress right, dress” and trying out the chute.

    Hold on to your helmets, guys, I think we got a bonafide female Joehead in the making.

    She is sleeping now, Joe tucked firmly under her arm.

  2. kneonknight says:

    Oh, I almost forgot-

    Lennie, if you are looking to restore this figure, might I suggest this site?

    Tons of good stuff there. Those guys helped me locate the purple vest version of the “Planet of the Apes” Gorilla Soldier I had-seems it only was avaliable through J.C. Penny.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

  3. kneonknight says:


    I remember seeing a Hmmer “Dracula” film in which the Dark prince was ressurected after having a drop of blood fall on his skeleton.

    Maybe the red corn syrup from “Stretch Armstrong” would work?

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