“GIjOE: Retaliation” Theater Displays Spotted

Gigantic theater displays make the ultimate (and LARGEST) GIjOE collectibles. This one was spotted in a theater in Savoy, Illinois. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

I was in our local multiplex this past weekend to catch Battleship (loved it). As we were exiting, right there in the hallway was a giant, cardboard GIjOE movie display. What a cool item this would be to have in any collector’s “man cave” or “Joe Room.” Unfortunately, the manager informed me they have to pack them all up and return them to the film’s distributor after a movie has completed its run. ARGHHHH!!!

Of course, this thing’s about 10 feet wide by 7 foot tall. I don’t know of many collectors who have that much interior real estate to devote to displaying something this large. But it sure does looks cool! I wonder if these beauties ever show up on ebay? If so, shipping costs must be VERY interesting. Oh well, the good news for Joe fans is that June 29th is now only a little over a month away. Make sure your local GIjOE Collector’s Club division plans a big “movie meeting” party. If you cut a cake or something at the theater, you’ll probably get on your local news. Hooah! GO JOE!


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