Hasbro Acquires Highly-Prized Star Trek License. Here’s What They’re Doing With It:

Hasbro’s new line of “Kre-O” toys based on Star Trek characters is due out in 2013. Toddlers and preschoolers are ecstatic. Fans of 1:6 scale action figures? Not so much. (Photo: Hasbro)

In an intriguing announcement, Hasbro recently revealed it had acquired official licensing to produce new toys based on the classic sci-fi series, Star Trek. Excitement and anticipation among 1:6er’s quickly diminished however, when details of Hasbro’s initial plans became public. Fans hoping for an all-new series of super-articulated, 12″ GIjOE action figures, dressed in vintage ’60s Trek uniforms with cool accessory packs and “retro-Trek” packaging were sadly disappointed.

Apparently, Hasbro intends to blow use this rare and valuable opportunity to produce little “Lego-style” toys called KRE-Os aimed primarily at toddlers and preschool-aged children. (Uh…note to Hasbro…Do children that young even know who Kirk, Spock and McCoy are?) Here are some snippets from Hasbro’s official press release…

“Hasbro, Inc. announced today it has entered into agreement with CBS Consumer Products to manufacture and globally market a variety of products based on the STAR TREK property beginning in 2013. The toy line will launch in support of the STAR TREK movie sequel from Paramount Pictures, which will open May 17, 2013.

Leading the product offering from Hasbro will be a line of premium KRE-O STAR TREK building sets featuring fantastical spaceships and legendary characters from the franchise. The KRE-O STAR TREK sets will offer high-quality KRE-O bricks as well as new KREON figures in the likeness of popular characters.”

Bottom Line: “YAWN” is the response most likely heard from 1:6 scale action figure fans and collectors. And that’s really too bad. Hasbro is sitting on a gold-mine of opportunity here. It is in the enviable position of simultaneously owning both the GIjOE and Star Trek brands. Such a combination seems made-in-Heaven to most fans, but will Hasbro realize the potential profits and choose to capitalize on it? Or only cater to the toddler-preschool market with these little build-a-block toys? We’ll keep and eye peeled for any further intel.


9 thoughts on “Hasbro Acquires Highly-Prized Star Trek License. Here’s What They’re Doing With It:

  1. Greg says:

    It also could have been that Hasbro wasn’t successful in acquiring the 1:6 scale licensing rights because another company already locked it in. Just sayin’…

  2. The good news is that we’ll probably see 4 inch figures next year in scale with ARAH GI Joe and Marvel Universe. Me, I’m still waiting for them to announce a 12 inch Bruce Willis GI Joe Colton.

  3. chris says:

    I honestly think Hasbro is being smart here. they are producing toys for children, not for adults. they will sell many more to kids market, than the collector market.

  4. Paulo Duarte says:

    Being a Fan of GIJoe and Star Trek myself, I would love to see 12 inch Star Trek figures …. the ones done so far by other companies are not comparable to GIJoe … 😦

    In the other hand, I find it strange and sad that we havne’t seen so far any 12 inch figure from the new GIJoe movie !!!

  5. Buzz Mooney left some very good comments over on FB. Hope it’s okay Buzz, if I repost them here too. Here they are:

    “Star Trek is a potentially hugely lucrative license, and all they’re gonna do is make Lego knock-offs? The only company that has ever had any real success with that is Tyco, and even they lost the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean license to Lego.

    A smarter approach would be 3 3/4 figures. Nobody has yet done decent 3 3/4 trek figures, and that’s a market that couldn’t help but make money. For Hasbro hold simultaneous licenses for Star Wars AND Star Trek has the potential to do for Hasbro what Disney Princesses have done for Mattel.

    Mattel has managed to blur the line between their top license ,Disney Princesses, and their top proprietary line, Barbie, to the point where to most little girls, Barbie Is a Disney Princess, and vice versa.

    Hasbro’s last few 12″ Star Wars figures were on Classic Collection bodies, and, if they had continued either 12″ line it would have blurred that line. For Hasbro to hold the 2 bigget sci-fi franchises,ever PLUS the GI Joe line is huge. While I really hope they do 12″, I doubt tbey will. They’d be severely mistaken, though, if they don’t do 3 3/4.” —Buzz Mooney

  6. kneonknight says:

    I think Hasbro may be trying to stir up interest in the Kre-O building sets by tieing it in with the “StarTrek” franchise.

    To be honest, I don’t see this venture ending well at all. Chris, who responded above, is correct – targeting the children’s market rather than the adult collectors will sell more units, and will ultimately lead to scarcity of the figures and sets due to attrition, causing them to be much desired (and astronomically priced) 20 or 30 years from now when the original owners are grown. Irony, anyone?

    I would also like to see Classic Trek 12″ figures based on the “Timeless” body, as they did with Generals Grant and Lee a few years ago, but there might be legal issues with obtaining rights to some actors’ likenesses, especially if the relatives of those who are deceased object.

    Realistically, in addition to the Kre-O sets, I think all we can expect is a handful of moderately accurate, scaled down props such as phasers and tricorders for the kids, and not much else.

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