“What’s on Joe Mind?” Podcast #53 Covers Current Issues Affecting the GIjOE Hobby

The logo from the GIjOE-related podcast. (WOJM)

The creators of an entertaining, engaging and FREE online podcast named “What’s on Joe Mind” (WOJM) recently finished recording their 53rd episode. Dubbed “The World’s #1 Fancast About the World of GIjOE,” the show’s hosts, “Gary, Chuck, Mike and Justin” typically discuss news and events related to the collection of the diminutive 3.75″ RAH line of GIjOEs. But in this episode, 12″ GIjOE expert and fan, Ace Allgood, returns for another solid guest appearance.

GIjOE fan and collector, Ace Allgood of Minnesota, is the special guest of WOJM’s Ep. #53.
(Photo: M. Otnes)

Allgood is considered to be one of the GIjOE hobby’s leading, “unofficial ambassadors” and this episode marks his third time appearing on the show. Topics covered include: events at Joelanta 2012, the club’s “Man of Evil” exclusive figure, concerns about the national club, the excitement and logistics of executing a successful parachute drop, the upcoming Joe Con in New Orleans, Ace’s plans to coordinate dealer booths with his friends and much more.

Towards the end of his segment, Allgood also reveals that he’s been practicing with a new R/C helicopter, and that he hopes to someday use it to carry a 12″ GIjOE parachutist aloft and then drop him on command—all to be captured on HD video. What a cool idea!

If you’ve never heard of the WOJM podcast, or listened to an episode before, this is a great one to start with. It’s current. It’s relevant. And it’s FUN! Here’s the link: WOJM EPISODE #53 Enjoy!


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