Fan Frustration Grows as GIjOE Collector’s Club Slow to Release Con Exclusive Pics

Uniform set from the GIjOE Collector’s Club upcoming, “Last Man Standing” 12″ exclusive set.
(Photo: GIjOE Collector’s Club)

No matter what your feelings are about the GIjOE Collector’s Club, one thing’s undeniable, and that is that the quality of their exclusive, 12″ figure convention sets has improved dramatically over the years. And I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for those giant boxes, especially the ones featuring artwork by the uber-talented Larry Selman. WOW. Those are really nice.

The club has posted this sign outside their headquarters to warn oncoming collectors.

Some of the best convention sets that come to my mind include the club’s astounding “Unknown Heroes of WWII” set (with 2 field medics and gear), the amazing “Battle of Britain” set (with 2 pilots and gear) and the highly entertaining “Eight Legs of Danger” set (with an AT guy, 3 big spiders, parachute and flamethrower). These giant boxed sets, with all their superb contents, clearly prove the national club is serious about maintaining a high level of quality for the GIjOE brand.

Unfortunately, their most recent offering, known as the “Last Man Standing” set, has fans across Internet boards “buzzing,” but not always in a good way. Most are understandably curious about what this 2-figure, desert-themed set is supposed to be.

A few days ago, the club FINALLY released its first “teaser” photo. It shows a uniform, and it’s a nice one, with tightly sewn pockets and vintage-style buttons. But that was all. Let’s hope the club opens their “floodgates of intel” soon. The convention is just—holy smokes—52 days away!


2 thoughts on “Fan Frustration Grows as GIjOE Collector’s Club Slow to Release Con Exclusive Pics

  1. Jeremy says:

    ain’t that the truth, like another Trencher said….”……if this is a companion piece to last year’s set, would they not have already KNOWN what they were gonna offer….” A bit of paraphrasing there, but the idea is the same….

  2. kneonknight says:

    On a side note, I wouldn’t mind those khaki BDUs sets for my old Special Forces Joe.

    Never happen, though. I don’t believe in paying as much for a clothing set as I would a vintage nude figure.

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