Round 2’s Rocketeer Entering “No-Fly Zone?”

Will Round 2’s highly anticipated Rocketeer set ever get off the ground? (Illustration by: SeanE)

In a stunning turn of events, serious doubt was raised today concerning the veracity of Round 2’s much-ballyhooed, upcoming, Captain Action “Rocketeer” uniform set. While discussing the exciting new product over on the Trenches forum, “Stewartsattic” suddenly dropped this bombshell…

“Sorry Guys, I learned from an inside source that this deal is not yet what it appears. Apparently, they had been communicating with Diamond regarding the feasibility of doing a Rocketeer costume set and it got miscommunicated to the sales staff and added to their site. This is something that MAY be a future set, but it is still in the works (the license for Rocketeer has to be obtained, etc). The images on Diamond and Amok Time’s websites should be coming down today. I sure hope they work it out, it is a cool idea!”

Agreed. It’s a VERY cool idea. And Amok Time and Cotswold Collectibles clearly believe the product is genuine as well. In fact, at the time of the publication of this article, it was still being offered for pre-order sale HERE. It would be a great shame if Round 2’s Rocketeer set falls from the sky. It promised to be a big seller and is obviously extremely popular with fans. We’ll keep a close eye on this story as it develops and pass along any additional intel as it becomes available. Let’s hope that Stewartsattic’s “inside source” is in error and that Rocketeer sets “fly out of stores” soon!


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