Captain Action “Rocketeer” Uniform Sets Confirmed and Offered by Online Retailers

The Rocketeer is an iconic action/adventure character and Round 2's new uniform set creates a wide variety of 1930s and '40s-based diorama possibilities for 1:6 scale collectors.
(Illustrataion: Belldandies, ADIS)

Amok Time Toys was one of the first online dealers to offer this set for pre-order. (Photo: Amok Time)

This set’s a GO-GO-GO!

Collectors and fans of 1:6 scale action figures were thrilled to learn today that a new Rocketeer uniform and figure combo set has been confirmed and is already available for pre-order online at stores such as Amok Time Toys HERE for $64.99. In related news, the uniform set itself will also be available SEPARATELY at a pre-order price of $37.79 HERE or from Cotswold HERE (price TBA). No word yet regarding Toys ‘R Us.

Medicom's Rocketeer figure originally sold for $165. (Photo: Medicom)

If we’re any judge of what constitutes a “really good idea” in this hobby, this is it! We have a strong feeling that there’s going to be a lonnnnnnnng line of collector’s waiting to buy R2’s Rocketeer set. Previously, the only options available to fans were of couple of VERY expensive stand alone figures which listed for hundreds of dollars each; either Medicom’s version (see photo at left) for $165 or Sideshow’s stratospherically-priced “premium figure” which listed at a whopping $329!

Sideshow's "Premium" Rocketeer listed at a staggering $329.
(Photo: Sideshow)

It will be VERY interesting to see how close Round 2 can get “quality-wise” to those two expensive versions. If they’re able to produce a well-made, properly detailed outfit, rocket pack and iconic helmet, all eyes may begin to turn to Round 2 as a very serious contender for quality uniforms and accessories. Think about it…At their price point of approximately $35 per set, it’s now much easier to purchase multiples and create your own SQUAD of Rocketeers!


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