Joelanta 2012 Parachute Drop Video on Youtube

Only minutes out of its box, this "virgin" Action Man Parachutist is about to make the first of two successful jumps or "drops" from the 15th floor. GERONIMO! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

A screenshot from the video shows the viewer is in a "You Are There" vantage point, standing on the floor of the Marriott, looking up at the action.
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

With all the talk about Joelanta, one event has gone largely unmentioned— the Parachute Drop. While this year’s “drop” was a casual, family friendly affair, there was plenty of action and intrigue going on as well.

For example, during the event, one bystander began to gather up the fallen parachutists and proceeded to place them on her “For Sale” table! It turned out there was a language problem and things were quickly straightened out, but for a few minutes there, this person thought it was raining free GIjOEs!

Then, as families scrambled to catch one of the three elevators to the top floor, others began hurrying back down. This created sort of an “elevator traffic jam” for a while, but there was apparently enough to go around and no one seemed to mind waiting for a minute or two.

In this screenshot from the video, an anxious crowd watches helplessly as one of the Joes floats into the dark elevator shaft. It's fate is unknown.
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

It was also fun to watch the hotel security guards “working.” Throwing objects over the railing is normally the sort of juvenile activity they would be called in to shut down. But on this night, they too, were happily taking part in the fun. Big, beaming smiles spread over their faces as they moved about helping fans catch and retrieve the falling Joes. They were clearly having a very good time—and getting PAID for it!

Unfortunately, some Joes didn’t have a smooth trip down. Many became hung up on light fixtures or plant boxes, some rammed mercilessly into the walls, and one even drifted into a dark elevator shaft. For non-attendees, the good news is that a new video on YouTube documenting the drop places viewers in a perfect “You are There” vantage point, looking straight up from the lobby floor with the other attendees. It’s 2 1/2 minutes of old-fashioned fun. Watch it HERE now.


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