“Man of Evil” GIjOE Shipping to Club Members

The unique 1:6 scale "Man of Evil" figure is now shipping to current club members. (Photo: GIjOE Collector's Club)

For GIjOE Collector’s Club members, this month marks the arrival of the long-awaited, exclusive, “Man of Evil” 12″ action figure. The club’s Man of Evil figure, aka “MOE” for short, has been showing up recently in mailboxes around the U.S. and fans are relieved to finally see his ugly kisser in person. (No hurry, Brian, but I’m still waiting for mine. Just a heads-up!)

In a dramatic departure from its previous membership incentive figures, this time the club decided to “ugly up” a GIjOE and took the venerable foreign head sculpt (first introduced in 1966 as a “Soldiers of the World” Joe) and changed it by adding a prominent and disfiguring scar through his right eye.

The ‘blinded” eye is now painted all-white with some added sculptural dimensionality (see photo at bottom of article), creating a very “evil” overall appearance. Add a perpetually scowling expression and a shirt with an evil dagger logo, and there’s little doubt that Moe is supposed to be the bad guy.

The club's MOE uniform set provides some much needed "Evil" attire. (Photo: GIjOE Collector's Club)

Of course, it’s difficult to fight good guys wearing just a pair of boxer shorts and an undershirt. So, the club has also prepared an appropriately EVIL uniform set (sold separately, ‘natch!) to provide Moe with a black jumpsuit, evil eye-patch, some weapons, a (yellow?) jacket and belt and a pair of storm-troopin’ jackboots.

But our favorite accessory has to be his “Good GIjOE” mask. That is hilariously clever! Now your Man of Evil can sneak up on a an enemy and dramatically peel off his mask before attacking. What fun! We’re sure once he’s all dressed for his evil-doings, fans everywhere will be putting him right in the middle of the action! The club even provides us with a short back story, declaring…

“In the early years of the Adventure Team, one of their most valued members was lost during a dangerous mission. It was presumed he would never been seen again. But now, from out of the past, he has returned! Or has he?”

This closeup reveals Moe's "Evil Eye" and its unique sculptural dimensionality. Cool! (Photo: Newton Gimmick)

This unique figure is a no-brainer for most fans, who will eagerly and happily add it to their collections. GijOEs have always needed bad guys to fight, and a figure named “The Man of Evil” is certainly a welcome addition to our ever-expanding 1:6 scale world.

For a complete “head-to-toe”review of this figure, we recommend you visit Newton Gimmick’s Infinite Hollywood site found HERE. He’s already received his Moe-Joe and has written a great article on what you can expect.

Wait! Is that the postman outside? Sorry, I gotta go…Wheeee! <gleefully clapping hands>


One thought on ““Man of Evil” GIjOE Shipping to Club Members

  1. Thanks for the linkage. The Man of Evil is one of the coolest things to come down the GIJCC pipeline in some time. I think it really shows off the potential that the Club can have and I hope they continue to expand upon ideas like this in the future.

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