New Captain Action Line #1 Seller at Toys ‘R Us

Prototype box of the upcoming Captain Action THOR uniform set. (Photo: Round 2)

In fantastic news for CA’s Round 2 (and collectors of 1:6 scale action figures), their new line of Captain Action toys recently replaced Todd McFarlane’s “Walking Dead” line as the #1 sellers at Toys R Us. Sellouts have taken place at some store locations and according to an ICV2 article…

“Round 2’s Captain Action was the #1 bestselling collectible toy line in Toys R Us the week it was introduced, dislodging McFarlane’s The Walking Dead figures after a long run. The newly revived toy line features Captain Action with costume sets for Spider-Man and Captain America.  Series 2 will include a new Dr. Evil figure with Thor and Loki outfits and accessory packs.”

Fans are showing TRU store managers that the return of ol’ Cap is for REAL this time, voting with their wallets in both “brick-n-mortar” stores and online. Our sincerest congratulations to Ed, Joe and all the good people at Round 2 for their well-deserved success. Let Justice Be Done!


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