Master Collector/GIjOE Collector’s Club working to restore online services

Slowly but surely, things seem to be returning to normal at Master Collector, the online headquarters for the national GIjOE Collector’s Club. Since February, when their shopping cart system was rudely hacked into submission, the organization’s website has remained very quiet. Currently, the site’s store section is still down, as you can see HERE, but a recent email from the club’s Editor-in-Chief, Brian Savage, finally offered a glimmer of hope.

The club recently posted this warning sign outside their headquarters.

According to Savage, the website’s shopping cart system has been PARTIALLY restored. At this point, it is functioning well enough to allow members to use it to join the club HERE. However, all payments must still be made by check or money order and sent in via “snail mail.” While this may not seem like much, at least it’s a sign of progress. In the email, Savage clarified the current situation by saying…

“We have now taken the next step in getting the store fully online. I know you are all wanting to order the exclusive figures, but there are still a couple of known bugs we have to get worked out in order for us to add products to the new store. Currently, the store can ONLY be used to join the Club. We are shooting for the first week in May to have these items online.”


One thought on “Master Collector/GIjOE Collector’s Club working to restore online services

  1. frankie H says:

    i still cannot join or order from this site, i was a member, you never sent me a renewal, this was years ago, i want to renew ASAP

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