“GIjOE: Retaliation” film to feature new single “Legendary Child” performed by Aerosmith

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of the rock band Aerosmith perform during a recent tour.
(Photo: Geffen/Columbia)

Cool news for fans of both GijOE and the Boston-based hard rock band, Aerosmith:

According to recent press releases and statements made by band members Brad Whitford and Steven Tyler, Aerosmith has recorded a new song which will debut as part of the soundtrack for the upcoming film, GIjOE: Retaliation, opening in theaters June 29, 2012.

Whitford is quoted in The Times News as saying,

“We’ve got a new song that’s gonna be used in a major motion picture this summer, so that’s probably the first new music fans will get to hear. We may even debut it on American Idol in May.”

Bruce Willis blows' the livin' crap outta something in this scene from the upcoming film, GIjOE: Retaliation. (Photo: Paramount)

Tyler was also quoted on a televised interview (SEE HERE) saying,

“Yeah. We already wrote that song and gave it to GIjOE. It’s going to be in the movie. It’s called Legendary Child.” 

So there you have it, GIjOE and Aerosmith fans… Hard rock mixed with a hot action flick. The two mediums definitely go hand-in-hand, and this looks—and sounds—like a great match-up. See you in the theaters!


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