1970 GIjOE Flying Space Adventure Window Box

This unique package was shown only to Hasbro staff or potential customers and has never been taped, glued or assembled. After being shown, such samples are typically discarded. How this one has survived all these years in such near-perfect condition is nothing short of astonishing. (Photo: Todd Chamberlain)

Closeup of the front and side panels make good use of Stivers’ amazing artwork. (Photo: Todd Chamberlain)

Exclusive to The Joe Report…

Something this cool comes along once in a blue moon. And if you’re the lucky fan who owns it, well…count your lucky stars, Spaceman! What are we talking about? One of the rarest of the rare vintage GIjOE products ever produced—1970’s Flying Space Adventure!

Recently, an entire, UNASSEMBLED, salesman prototype window box package for this set appeared for sale on ebay. It failed to sell at its reserve of $850, but the rarity of the package didn’t escape the eyes of avid GIjOE collectors. We’ve never seen one of these packages in person; only in photographs. And when we saw this one opened up flat like this, we were really impressed by its gorgeous artwork (another Don Stivers masterpiece). We wrote to the current and very fortunate owner, Todd Chamberlain, to see if he could tell me anything more about it. Here’s his reply:


“Thanks for your interest, Mark—it is a cool piece! It’s an original, Hasbro-issued, pre-production box ‘flat’ for a 1970 Adventures of GIjOE Astronaut ‘Flying Space Adventure’ accessory set, in beautiful condition. The package also includes the blue insert card to which the accessories would have been attached. It has all the die cuts and crease lines, but it was never glued or assembled. It would look beautiful framed.

Closeup of the package’s back panel featuring more of Stivers’ stunning depictions of the members of the Adventure Team. (Photo: Todd Chamberlain)

As for its history, I bought the package from a collector who got it from a Hasbro sales rep in the ’70s. Lots of cool Hasbro stuff has made it all over the country through various paths.

My main collecting area is actually Star Wars, and I have a lot of Kenner prototype items I have bought from Kenner employees, but I love the GIjOE line, too, and I always thought the art on these boxes was incredible. To be clear, the listing ended, but it did not sell.”

Bottom Line: This is a fascinating and beautiful piece of GIjOE packaging history. It’s rare enough to find a Flying Space Adventure window box, but to locate one that’s in “never-been-assembled” condition is literally mind-boggling. Thanks for sharing your story and photos, Todd. We envy its future owner!


4 thoughts on “1970 GIjOE Flying Space Adventure Window Box

  1. chris says:

    these come out of Hong Kong stock from time to time. I have one.

  2. Yup. Ace Allgood also replied that they’re not quite as rare as I originally thought…


    I hate to tell ya but that flat box is not a one of a kind salesman sample. I have one and I know there was a guy in hong kong with a stack of them and 8 ropes of danger. They sold several a few years back for 200 bucks which is why the one did not sell for 850

    Best and thanks for the awesome joe report.


    Thanks for writing, Ace!

  3. Joe Essid says:

    One still wonders how Joe fared on the moon…without gloves! I owned the set as a 10 year old NASA geek and that was my first question then, too 😀

  4. George Drew says:

    Have to agree with Ace..I bought that, 8 ropes and emergency rescue all in same condition…150-200 each few years back…Hong Kong seller got them from factory that produced them…all vintage but not salesman samples

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