5 (Possible) upcoming Costume Sets for Captain Action Discussed at C2E2 Panel

Dynamite's Tarzan wore a leopard skin loincloth and...that's it. Interesting choice for a CA costume set! (Photo: Dynamite Comics)

Round 2 is definitely on a roll lately with their reintroduction of Captain Action (CA). It’s as if every other day some other news comes out. As to the following, nothing has been officially announced, but during a brief panel discussion at the C2E2 show in Chicago recently, R2’s Ed Catto did reveal some interesting tidbits about five (possible) upcoming CA costume sets. Fan and collector, “Frank1966,” who was in the audience, reported the following exchange…

Dynamite's Sherlock Holmes shown in his traditional tweed suit, cap and scarf. (Photo: Dynamite Comics)

“I asked Ed Catto a question about other costumes. It looks like they will make Dynamite’s version of Tarzan and Sherlock Holmes. For Lady Action costumes, Vampirella and Red Sonja. Ed asked if people are okay with a tall Wolverine although he prefers the short Wolverine as he is in the comics.”

Marvel's Red Sonja was all about her hair, a chain mail bikini and sword. What's not to like? (Photo: Marvel Comics)

If Frank’s accounting of their exchange is accurate, it looks as if Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Vampirella, Red Sonja and the Wolverine are all on Round 2’s drawing table. Possibly already in the planning and pre-production stages as well. Let’s take a look at this list of possible sets…

Tarzan—Really? We love Tarzan, but the guy wears a loincloth and a knife. That’s it. Not even a pair of sandals. This would have to be the skimpiest CA costume ever offered. Besides his dagger, you’d have to add a ton of accessories to have this set make any sense. What else could they be? A vine? A bunch of bananas? We’ll have to wait and see what R2 can come up with for this one.

Frank Frazetta's classic '60s painting of Vampirella forever captured her as the sexiest "vampire with an attitude." (Painting: Frank Frazetta)

Sherlock Holmes—Ah, elementary, my dear Watson! This set’s a no-brainer. We could all use a good 1/6th scale tweed suit. And this set would have to have his pipe, hat, pistol, magnifying glass, etc. Maybe some test tubes or a bunsen burner? There’s lots of potential here. This could be a fun set if it’s done right.

Vamirella and Red Sonja—Okay, you’ve got us here <Schwing! Boing!>. However, since both characters are largely naked most of the time, we’d have to see what Lady Action’s bod looks like before deciding if these costume choices make good sense or not. Of course, Vampirella does have those cool “go-go” boots and a bat for a pet. And Red Sonja has a sexy, chain-mail bikini and all sorts of cool swords and stuff. But again, the underlying Lady Action figure would have to be pretty darn good looking. Fans know there’s a lot of competition out there producing amazing 1/6th scale female action figures. The “quality bar” is set pretty high, R2!

Marvel's Wolverine is a perfect fit for a Captain Action costume set.

Wolverine—Ol’ daggerhands is a great choice. His bright costume and bladed appendages are always a real crowd pleaser and this set would look KILLER on the shelves at Toys ‘R Us! Of course, all of the X-Men characters are cool. Who wouldn’t love a Cyclops with that visor? Or a Professor X and his cool X-wheelchair? We have high hopes that at least THIS set makes it all the way to final production. Let’s cross our…razor claws. 🙂

Bottom line? Interesting selections all. Only Tarzan gives us pause. Again, nothing official has been announced, but we sincerely appreciate Frank’s reportage from the show and Ed’s insight regarding Round 2’s current line of thinking. Thanks, guys!


2 thoughts on “5 (Possible) upcoming Costume Sets for Captain Action Discussed at C2E2 Panel

  1. boyd hanby says:

    i like what i read here …TARZAN set.. your basic Tarzan loin cloth ..knife a long vine to swing with … and a suit of clothing for when he got civilized … may bee some cild like toys from his past and photos of his parents … a monkey friend.. bananas.. and maybe a JANE clothing (a prim and proper english ladys dress )set too for LADY ACTION ..i like the sherlock homes set too.. just needs his violin and smoking jacket …and maybe a big easy chair …. as for the other sets VAMPIRELLA and RED SONJA … that would be great !!!!! … i would love to buy thoes costumes …. i am a log time fan !!!! YAHOOO !!!

  2. This Vampirella’s painting was drawing for Pepe Gonzalez and painted for Enric.
    Regards from Barcelona.

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