2 upcoming Captain Action Uniform Sets Confirmed, plus definitive Hawkeye News

The Red Skull has been confirmed as an upcoming Dr. Evil uniform set.

Talk about “burying the lead!” In a casual reply left to a reader comment here on The Joe Report, CA Enterprises guru, Joe Ahearn confirmed two more upcoming Captain Action (CA) uniform sets for their growing lineup—Iron Man and The Red Skull—plus definitive news about completing the entire Hawkeye set.

We’ve learned to be cautious about possible internet gossip here on The Joe Report, as often it can all just be pie-in-the-sky predictions by hopeful fans. But the following statements came directly from the mouth of the CA head honcho himself.

In the initial reader comment, CaptainActionFan47 asked these questions of Ahearn:

“Hey Joe. I noticed on the back of the CA box, it showed a classic Iron Man illustration by Gene Colan. One of my all time favorite artists for this character! Will the costume be designed to reflect Gene’s work like you did with Kirby/Cap and Romita/Spiderman? And if I may ask, is there a tentative release date for Iron Man?

Iron Man as depicted by Gene Colan during the 1960s.

FYI…The early buzz coming from the premiere of the Avengers suggests it is incredible. So I have to believe Captain Action will benefit greatly from this film. Keep up the great work!!! I’m lovin’ it.”

Hawkeye prepares to unleash another deadly arrow in this image from Marvel Comics.

Then, in a candid and revealing response, Joe Ahearn replied…

“Yes! The costume will be designed to reflect the silver/bronze age Iron Man! Of course we’ll have some nice Gene Colan images on there and also possibly some Bob Layton as well! Iron Man, Red Skull and another CA figure will be released hopefully at the end of this year. If you’re buying the Deluxe versions, you’ll also have the complete Hawkeye set once these are released!”

Bottom Line: These are exciting confirmations for fans and collectors of Captain Action. Special thanks to Joe Ahearn for this information. Remember, Joe, eager CA fans are hanging onto your every word!


5 thoughts on “2 upcoming Captain Action Uniform Sets Confirmed, plus definitive Hawkeye News

  1. boyd hanby says:

    my reply is ..i see nothing here about HAWKEYE other than its parts are in the deluxe versions … so what sets will have the rest of hawkeyes costume ??

  2. boyd hanby says:

    oh and i for got the RED SKULL …and IRON MAN ..both great sets …if they doo them right!!

  3. treasuryman572 says:

    I have both the deluxe and regular (Toys R Us) Spider-Man and Captain America sets, I am very impressed with the updated quality, as I have the original Captain America set(circa 1966). The quality on both the regular and deluxe sets is fantastic and the pricing for both the deluxe and regular sets are below what I was expected to pay. Way to go!!!

  4. rann says:

    any chance that future CA sets will have improved/smaller masks so these don’t look so much like bobble head dashboard dolls?

    • VERY good point. I think they should “move up” to interchangeable heads. Pop off CA’s head and pop on Batman’s head. Simple and more realistic. But I think they want to stick with the original mask approach. Too bad, because that’s a weakness, visually.

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