2012 GIjOE Convention Details Due “Next Month”

Will someone please remind the good folks at the GIjOE Collector’s Club that June 28th is only 75 days away? Ever since their website’s credit card processing system was hacked (which has still not been remedied), online sales were halted and convention details slowed down to a trickle of their usual torrent of pre-show information. For an event that is usually trumpeted so far in advance, this year’s pre-convention intel is dramatically lacking.

One small tidbit was recently posted by Dean Morrison over on the Trenches when he reported, “Has anybody else checked out room rates around the convention hotel? They all have (including the convention hotel) a $30 parking fee PER DAY!! Ouch!!” As painful as that information is to hear, it’s good to know in advance. In fact, that’s the kind of “wallet-draining reality” that fans need when considering whether or not to travel to far-off events. (Good job, Dean!)

Fan speculation regarding the 12″ exclusive set and the club’s cryptic clue “Nothing’s too heavy for the Adventure Team” continues to grow as well. One possible answer came from Gordon Mayfield over on the Trenches when he said, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see a “new” Mike Power, Atomic Man figure. He probably wouldn’t have the spinning hand, simply because they’re using the basic clear parts from a transparent vintage-style figure. Mike’s “atomic” (bionic) power gave him great strength. He was part of the Adventure Team. So, ‘Nothing is too heavy for the Adventure Team.” (Great guess, Gordon!)

The Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel is the site of the 2012 GIjOE Convention, to be held June 28 to July 1.
(Photo: HNORH)

If you recall, Master Collector’s store has been offline since February, so they’re probably very occupied with trying to clear up that situation. In the meantime, they’re also missing out on a good amount of their normal online product sales. That lost income can’t be very helpful for an organization preparing to host an expensive, MAJOR convention event.

As of right now, GIjOE fans know when and where (June 28 to July 1st in New Orleans) the con is to be held and a few details about the exclusives. But there’s not much else to go on. As we continue to wait, all we can do is re-read the most recent update from the club. It tells us…

“A block of rooms have been reserved for June 25, 2012 – July 1, 2012. Rooms are available 3 days before and after the convention dates, based on availability. Box set figure reveals, guest announcements and so much more will be coming out over the next month.”


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