Dragon’s New SAS Figure Based on Real-Life Hero Pete “Snapper” Winner, Available May 2012

Dragon's new Pete "Snapper" Winner figure is dead-on perfect and will debut May 2012. The head-sculpt is amazing! (Photo: Dragon Models USA)

Dragon Models USA has announced the upcoming release of another hyper-realistic 1:6 scale action figure. It’s based on British SAS Trooper, Pete “Snapper” Winner. Winner is a hero of the British Royal Army and the Falklands War. He’s also well-known for his leading role in breaking up the 1980 terrorist siege of the Iranian Embassy in London—where 26 people had been taken hostage and held for six days. According to the UK’s Daily Mail account of the terrible event…

“The stakes were raised significantly when the body of the embassy’s press officer, Abbas Lavasani, was pushed out of the front door. Clearly the time for patient negotiation with the Khuzestan terrorists, still holding 20 people hostage, had come to an end. ‘Go, go, go!,’ screamed a voice in Winner’s earpiece. They were on their way in and he led from the front as they smashed down the rear door.

Winner and his team headed to the basement, wrenching ladders that had been put there to block their progress out of the way, hoping they hadn’t been booby-trapped. Mercifully, there was no explosion. Tossing a stun grenade into the darkness, they began shooting off locks and clearing rooms.

Winner describes what happened next

“All feelings of doubt and fear had disappeared. The adrenaline was bursting through my bloodstream. My heavy body armour suddenly felt as light as a T-shirt. ‘There were more explosions. The hysterical voices of women swept over us. Then the first hostages were passed down the line; they looked shocked and disoriented, their eyes streaming with CS gas. Suddenly there was a shout from higher up: ‘This one’s a terrorist!’ He was punched and kicked as he descended the stairs. He was running afraid. He knew he was close to death. Then I saw it—a Russian fragmentation grenade, the detonator cap protruding from his hand.”

A screenshot taken from a British news video that details the moments of the siege and the rescue in which Winner played a key role.

Winner raised his machinegun to fire, but realized the bullets would pass straight through the terrorist, possibly hitting innocents. Winner describes what he did instead…

“Instinctively, I raised the MP5 above my head and in one swift, sharp movement brought the stock down on the back of his neck. I hit him as hard as I could. His head snapped back and for one fleeting second I caught sight of his tortured, hate-filled face.

He collapsed down the remaining stairs, hitting the carpet in the hallway as a crumpled, sagging heap. The sound of two magazines being emptied into him was deafening. But as he twitched and died, his hand opened and the grenade rolled out.

I stared at the mechanism for what seemed like an eternity and what I saw flooded the very core of me with relief and elation. The pin was still in the lever. It was all over.”

The figure is astounding. Dragon’s mastery of life-like headsculpts is obvious, and its uniform and equipment all appear to perfect as well. According to Dragon’s website, the figure should be available for purchase starting in May, 2012. Click HERE to watch a short news video detailing the dramatic 1980 siege.


One thought on “Dragon’s New SAS Figure Based on Real-Life Hero Pete “Snapper” Winner, Available May 2012

  1. kneonknight says:

    The Special Air Service, or SAS, is one of, if not the best hostage rescue and anti-terrorist units in existence. It’s really good to see Dragon Models producing something besides WWII Germans, as that subject seems to have been done to death over the last 10 years or so.

    Photographs of Winner are few and far between, probably due to the SAS policy of avoiding massive publicity, but the few i have managed to hunt down shows that the head sculpt is extremely accurate, and captures not only the likeness but the personality of the subject as well.

    Kudos, Dragon Models. It’s a pleasant change of pace to see the “good guys” getting some attention.

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