The Joe report records over 10,000 views

After only 1 month in existence, The Joe Report has already recorded over 10,000 “unique reader views” from fans in 39 countries worldwide. Wow! That’s an astonishing readership rate for any blogazine, much less one that’s been in existence for such a short time. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE out there for your kind words of encouragement, help with resources, photographs, commentary and all other related input. With such strong reader support, The Joe Report will continue to thrive for years to come as a reliable source of 1:6 scale news and information. Onward and upward!


One thought on “The Joe report records over 10,000 views

  1. kneonknight says:

    Mark, it is we, the readers/commentators who should be thanking you. The Joe report provides an invaluable source of news about our hobby and gives old windbags like myself a place to sound off about topics of interest. Keep up the good work-as long as you publish, I know I will be here to read and spam up the comments box.

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