New UK Flocking Service for Action Man & GIjOE

Flocktastic offers a wide variety of colors, hair lengths, custom blends, even flocked eyebrows!
(Photo: Flocktastic)

Vintage Action Man (VAM) and GIjOE collectors living in Europe and the UK have long awaited this moment. After years of relying on their own home flocking techniques, a new business called Flocktastic finally promises to provide fans with a “professional electrostatic flocking service that will have your figure’s head looking as new as the day it was made.”

A good flocking job adds instant character to figures. Just look at this guy! (Photo: Flocktastic)

The potential for Flocktastic’s new business is huge. Around the globe, there are literally thousands of collectors who own figures that are replete with patchy bald spots or worn-off beards. All of which would benefit from a trip to a professional reflocker. Imagine if every figure in YOUR collection suddenly sported a new, perfect head of hair. What a difference it would make!

As children, few of us gave any thought to the care of our beloved “Fuzzheads.” Hats and helmets of all types were roughly crammed onto their noggins. We tossed them repeatedly them into swimming pools. Boiled them in bath water. And even gave some haircuts and trims of our own (thanks, Sis!). The results were predictably awful, resulting in thousands of balding and hairless action figures.

Click on these photos for great closeups. This guy looks AMAZING. (Photo: Flocktastic)

Nowadays, as adults (and mostly men), we’ve grown somewhat more, shall we say, “sensitive” to the issue of hair loss. And we wish to correct such “injustices” whenever and wherever possible. ESPECIALLY when it has to do with our beloved Action Man/GIjOE/Geyperman action figures.

As a result, collectors worldwide are beginning to realize that their forlorn, battered figures are actually now completely salvagable. Yes, thanks to businesses like Flocktastic and its American counterparts, Flock Concepts and the famous Club Hair for GIjOE, fans everywhere can now take the baldest figures in their collections…and literally TRANSFORM them with newly flocked hair, beards, eyebrows and moustaches. Flocktastic will even offer a FREE eyebrow painting and face cleaning with every order. You can’t go wrong there! In fact, according to their website…

Fans of the Adventure Team will be thrilled with this closeup which reveals absolutely STUNNING flocking. (Photo: Flocktastic)

“Simply send the head(s) to us and we will strip off the existing flock and re-flock it according to your choice of colour, length and style.We currently have 40 individual colours in 5 different lengths to choose from. From these base colours, flock can be mixed together to create virtually any hair colour you can think of.

Choose to re-flock in the original 2mm length or customise the head with 1mm, 4mm, 6mm or even 0.5mm flock! If you don’t want eyebrows flocked, then any existing eyebrow rub will be re-painted free of charge with any re-flock purchased. Dirty faces are also cleaned up as best they can be as part of the process.”

Bottom Line: This is great news. Think about it. If we all just skipped a couple of cheesburgers this week, we could afford to get one of our old VAM or GIjOE heads flocked instead. What a deal! Happily, it seems as if Flocktastic is off to a great start with their new business. We wish them and their “fellow flockers” the very best of success!

4 thoughts on “New UK Flocking Service for Action Man & GIjOE

  1. Flocktastic work is absolutely flawless, they come back as good as new. He really is the best

  2. Britt Simms says:

    Hopefully he’ll be back up and running soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are there any How to Flock GI JOE action figures Tutorials or flocking price lists…?

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