Huge, Vintage GIjOE Auction tomorrow (3-29)

Just one of the astounding vintage GIjOE sets being auctioned on March 29th in the UK.
(Photo: Vectis Auctions)

Wake up, Joeheads! That BIG, vintage GIjOE auction over in the UK takes place early TOMORROW. That’s at the crack of dawn, on Thursday, March 29th.

Some important things to remember…

1) There’s at least a 6-hour time difference between the U.S. and the U.K. Their website says the auction will begin at 1PM. That’s UK time, not your local time. Roughly speaking, I believe that’s about 6 or 7AM on the East Coast and much earlier (3 or 4AM?) on the West Coast. Check your specific time-zone and be sure to compute the auction’s actual starting time accurately.

You want it. They've got it. The only question remaining is...Will you place a bid? (Photo: Vectis Auctions)

2) No matter where you live, you can bid ONLINE. Go to the Vectis website and review their online bidding procedures, policies, etc. To place bids, you’ll need to be logged in and following their specific instructions.

3) Prices will be in British Pounds or Euros. The U.S. dollar is kind of weak right now, so if you plan on bidding, it’s highly recommended you look into the current conversion rate beforehand, so you can do some quick mental arithmetic if required. And yes, they take credit cards. Bottom line, as with any auction, know your personal financially limits before bidding on any item.

This event promises to be an excellent opportunity to obtain some very rare, vintage GIjOEs. Take a look at all the PHOTOS once again and review these videos: VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2. There’s no better way to get completely set for this event. If you win anything, please let us know. Best of luck and Happy Bidding!


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