E.J. White: Joelanta’s “goodwill ambassador”

E.J. White (left) charms another attendee (Santa, maybe?) at this year's Joelanta. In honor of the show's "Chronus Adventurer" exclusive, E.J. was sporting an 1880s-era top hat with a pair of exotic, "steampunk" goggles. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

You’ll see the man long before he ever sees you. You can’t miss him! With his eye-catching outfits, broad, welcoming smile, and warm, easy-going demeanor, E.J. White stands out in any crowd. At the Joelanta show in Atlanta, GA recently, he infused his unique powers of charm into nearly every moment of the proceedings.

From the earliest moments of the event, he roamed happily about the hotel, meeting and greeting incoming friends, dealers and collectors. During check-in and registration, I asked others about E.J. and learned that his club had dubbed him “The Grandmaster of the Lobby Swap.” He laughed later when I told him about this designation and said…

“Well, our club’s members rally around me. We’ve all bonded like brothers and are always there for one another. That’s really what it’s all about, you know?”

After his two successful freefalls from the top floor, my new Action Man declared, "Thanks to E.J.'s salesmanship, I'm no longer a virgin...parachutist."
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

That evening, during the big Parachute Drop event, E.J. was happily hawking new, still-in-the-box Action Man parachute figures for sale, so that anyone who wanted to, could still “get in on the skydiving action.” I know his “carnival barker” method of salesmanship clearly works, because I bought one from him myself at that moment! (see photo at left)

In this "artistic" photo of the charity art auction, E.J. poses with club members and friends.
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

Later, at the Charity Art Auction, E.J. cheerfully acted as a “co-auctioneer” with Buddy Finethy to help build excitement within the crowd. There didn’t seem to be an event that he wasn’t actively and enthusiastically involved in. And for that, we were all very grateful. Go JOE! Go E.J.!!!


One thought on “E.J. White: Joelanta’s “goodwill ambassador”

  1. GIACE says:

    EJ Rocks the free world. That man is ALWAYS smiling!

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