New Captain Action Uniform Set Photos

Wow. Lookin' good there, Cap! Love that shield. (Photo: AFT)

If you’ve had your head under a rock for the last year, then you probably haven’t heard about the impending arrival of 1960s multi-hero action figure, Captain Action! Yes, that’s right, ol’ Cap is coming back to toy stores and online retail outlets near you (pre-orders are crossing our shores as we speak). And as was mentioned in an earlier post, 4 uniform sets have already been announced (Captain America, Spiderman, Thor and Loki).

But up until now, we’ve only had sealed, prototype packages to look at. That can be enticing, but also somewhat frustrating. Finally, there are some actual “out of the box” photos over at the Action Figure Times website revealing just how cool these new uniform are going to be.

It's your "Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman" in 1/6th scale. (Photo: AFT)

In short, the Captain America set seems to be VERY well made with loads of cool detail (look at the little buckles on that shield strap). Spiderman looks “interesting,” but not quite as exciting. Bottom line, the new CA uniform sets look pretty fantastic and these new photos will surely stir up collector interest in this new CA line-up. Stay tuned for additional intel as it becomes available. Meanwhile, jump over to the AFT website now and enjoy the photos!


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