NE GIjOE Club holds 1st Meeting Sunday

Amazing collections await members at each meeting. (NE GIjOE Club website photo)

GIjOE fans in the Northeastern U.S. have been hoping for a club to form in their area for years. Now they’re about to get their wish! Tomorrow (Sunday the 25th) will be the first-ever meeting of the New England GIjOE Collector’s Club (NEGCC) in Pawtucket, RI. According to their official club website, they have many interesting activities scheduled. Tidbits leaked out so far include…

“It looks like it’s going to be takeout for the food as the votes are 8 to 7 in favor of takeout.”

Mmm…”Takeout Food.” But what about GIjOE? If General Tso Chicken isn’t enough to get you in your car, here’s what else they have planned…

“Brad and Rick are going to have a “class” on how to fix a talking GIjOE or Troubleshooter, so be sure to bring a non-talking-talker to try to fix.”

A “non-talking-talker,” huh? Now that SOUNDS more like it. Get it? HA! Seriously, repairing talkers is a subject that many Joeheads would love to eavesdrop in on. If we could only be a “fly on the wall” at your meeting. And finally…

“We’re having a mini-show, so be sure to bring anything you want to trade or sell.”

A GIjOE club in this part of the country is long overdue. Thankfully, the NEGCC appears to be off to a great start. Lots of cool activities are planned. Members are helping other members. That’s what the spirit of Joe is all about! Best of luck with your new division, fellas. Hope you all have a great meeting tomorrow. GO JOE!


One thought on “NE GIjOE Club holds 1st Meeting Sunday

  1. Rick says:

    Thanks for the mention Mark! All went very well for an inaugural event. 12 guys, and lots of Joes and gear for sale and/or trade. A lot of gimmes too. Most of us had already been E-buddies, but we did have a few new guys. It was great to put a face on the nicknames and avatars! Since it was held at my place everyone got a tour of the 1:1 Joe Room, and within that the Real Joe Room (the scale one). No time to cook out, and it was rather cold so we opted for pizza. All in all, a truly wonderful Joe day here in Pawtucket. Something we’ve all been looking forward to, for a long time, long before the Club was started in most cases, I’m sure!

    Rick, aka Joemanri and Joeman

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