1960s Panther Jet Returns in variety of colors

Cotswold's new all-black, AT-themed Panther Jet.
(Photo: Cotswold)

Cotswold Collectibles has just announced the arrival of another exciting exclusive; a brand-new (reproduction) Adventure Team Panther Jet in solid BLACK! This “menacing” new color scheme joins the two previous trim levels of Navy blue and Adventure Team yellow, all with peel-n-stick decal sets, landing gear and removable canopies.

Company rep Greg Brown declared…

“If your GIjOE gets tired of rowing that raft to Spy Island, he can now fly there in style! These jets are available in yellow with AT decals, black with AT decals, black with Panther decals and blue with Panther decals. Just thought we’d spice it up a little.”

In yellow with Adventure Team decal set.
(Photo: Cotswold)

Original Navy blue version.
(Photo: Cotswold)

As always, Cotswold aims to please their customers and this time they’ve clearly succeeded. Great job on these repro jets, Greg. Keep up the good work and…Keep ’em Flying!


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