Joelanta 2012 warmly received by fans

Volunteers at the main reception table prepare to greet incoming crowds of GIjOE fans, collectors and dealers.
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

The 2012 Joelanta Show is now officially over and by all accounts was a tremendous success. With its large crowds, dealers galore, amazing dioramas, cool custom figures, fun-for-all activities, contests and entertainment, this was clearly the “show of shows” for GIjOE fans.

Thankfully, throughout the 3-day event, everyone remembered that after all was said and done, this was a non-profit show held entirely for the benefit of the Cody Lane Foundation (CLF). Fortunately, if the Joelanta Show continues to be such a great success, the reality of a future Cody Lane Diorama Museum is becoming all the more possible.

GIjOE uber-fan, Ace Allgood (at right) had just arrived from Minnesota for the Lobby Swap event and was instantly reconnecting with old friends.
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

Of course, there will be many other first-person accounts of this event on various forums and websites around the internet, so rather than repeat what you’ll read there, I’ll try to recount a few unique and varied stories of the specific collectors, customizers and other interesting “Joeheads” I encountered during my stay in Atlanta.

For example, one of the GIjOE hobby’s premier superfans, Ace Allgood. had come all the way from Minnesota for the show. When he appeared in the lobby for the first time, Ace’s many friends instantly flocked to his side. Vigorous handshakes and even some hugs followed. Strangers and casual acquaintances too, couldn’t resist being drawn over near his “circle.” There’s no denying the man’s outgoing, magnetic personality. Add to all that, Ace’s reputation of generosity and vast knowledge of GIjOE minutia have made him a veritable “pillar” of the GIjOE collecting community.

Original paintings by artist Trevor Hopkins being auctioned off to benefit the Cody Lane Foundation.
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

Later that evening, Ace continued to demonstrate his giving spirit as he placed the highest, winning bid of $400 for a series of four original GIjOE “pop art” paintings generously donated by artist Trevor Hopkins. Of course, all of the money raised went directly to the CLF and Ace received a rousing round of applause from the crowd for his kindness.

On Sunday, during the big show and sale, Ace manned his dealer’s booth while making generous sales and swaps, even giving away free samples of his new little GIjOE pins (thanks again!). Then, after the show, hours after all the others had left, he lingered behind, slowly loading up his Joes, clearly reluctant to leave.

Ace Allgood was one of the first Joe fans to arrive and the last to leave. This is GIjOE dedication!
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

In the end, Joelanta 2012 had dwindled down to just Ace, myself and a few other forlorn fans, sitting amongst all the debris and detritus of a vast, empty ballroom. Of course, as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” And Joelanta 2012 had clearly been one of those “GOOD” things. But sadly now, it too, had come to an end…


3 thoughts on “Joelanta 2012 warmly received by fans

  1. GIJOEBILL says:

    Ace is by far one of the nicest guys in this hobby.
    A wealth of knowledge and willing to share it regardless of collecting level.
    I vote Ace for GIJoe Ambassador!!!

  2. toysgot2go says:

    It would not be a Joelanta show without Ace. He brightens up the show. Ace treats everyone… even people he has JUST met… as if they have been the best of friends for years.

    I love it when he pulls out his phone to tell you fantastic stories about his latest find…

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